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Colorful sweet potato flour craft village

TAY NINH – Through the lens of Huynh Thanh Liem, the stages to make potato flour appear colorful, bold traditional villages.

Tay Ninh not only has beautiful scenery, but also has many traditional craft villages such as drying incense, making conical hats, heating cups for rubber hats or making potato flour, attracting many visitors to experience as well as serving as a backdrop for tourism activities. creative photographer.

The photo belongs to the series of photos “Tapotato flour, a traditional culinary specialty of Tay Ninh” by young photographer Huynh Thanh Liem (32 years old) taken at three households in Long Thanh Nam commune, Hoa Thanh town. Steamers produce batches of fuming potato flour. The cake is placed on a bamboo pole and the worker wearing a helmet puts the bamboo pole on his head to dry.

Huynh Thanh Liem, in addition to working as an accountant, is also passionate about photography, currently living at the Young Photographers Club of the Literature and Art Association of Tay Ninh province. His above photo set has just won the second prize of the Tay Ninh Traditional Art Photo Contest 2022 with the theme “Tay Ninh joins forces to build a new countryside”.

It’s not dawn yet, and the workers wake up and work hard.

Cake drying process. The manual processes are carried out meticulously, achieving food safety and hygiene quality.

This cake is quite thick because it is made of tapioca flour. “In addition to the traditional white cake, we also steam batches of colored cakes made from food coloring, without preservatives to make the color of the potato cakes more eye-catching”, said Ms. Xuan, a longtime baker in Long Thanh Nam. said.

The process of turning the cake when drying was recorded by the photographer as a brilliant color highlight for the village’s photo series.

The machine cuts the cake into small pieces.

Dry the semi-finished potato flour for one more day. Although today, in order to meet the great demand of the domestic and foreign markets, some stages have been mechanized to increase productivity, but most of the stages of making potato starch are still done by hand.

Mr. Tu, a villager, is packing finished products with his grandchildren.

Potato flour is an indispensable ingredient in Vietnamese tea dishes. The chewy potato starch fibers together with the characteristic flavor of fleshy and fatty, make the cup of tea more delicious and attractive. Thanks to a large number of workers, the process of one night produces about 1-2 tons of potato flour cakes.

The craft village of making Long Thanh Nam potatoes has been preserved and developed for generations, becoming a unique beauty of Tay Ninh’s culinary culture.

Little Thanh Van, 5 years old, enjoys a dish made from potato flour that her parents bought to cook.

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