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Little known steep slope on the way to Ba Den mountain

TAY NINH – Slope 700 is an almost steep rocky slope on the way of Da Trang climbing Ba Den mountain, taking you an hour to cross.

Ba Den Mountain is a famous mountain located in Tay Ninh province, 986 m high, known as the First Thien Son in the Southern region. Southern climbers call Ba Den “national mountain” because there are many roads to explore, climb over and over again without getting bored such as electric poles, pagoda roads, water pipes, Ma Thien Lanh , Mount Heo, Nui Phung, White Rock… each road has different types of terrain to conquer and experience.

Little known steep slope on the way to Ba Den mountain
Climbers of the White Rock bow need experience and skill because they have to overcome large boulders piled on top of each other.

In the climbing routes of Ba Den mountain, the pagoda road and the electric pole road are the two most popular and easiest ways to climb with the terrain mainly rocky slopes, it usually takes about 3-4 hours to climb to the top. These two roads are quite clear and have directions, so visitors can climb or invite friends to go with them without a guide.

On the temple road, there will be stalls to rest and refuel, while the electric poles do not have water stations. Therefore, when climbing the power pole, visitors need to prepare enough water to be able to climb to the top. Other routes such as Ma Thien Lanh, Mount Heo, Nui Phung, and Da Trang are less popular and more difficult, with the terrain being large rocks, stacked continuously.

Among the mountain climbing routes of Ba Den, Da Trang is the most difficult and impressive with the highlight being the campsite at Da Ban located halfway up the mountain and the legendary 700-foot slope. To get to the top of the mountain, you have to go through many different types of terrain. The first part is a challenge to overcome big rocks that you don’t know how to climb without a guide, plus your own experience and climbing skills, using the strength of your legs and arms to climb and climb. , jumping over large rocks continuously, while below is a deep abyss. The path sometimes has to be climbed, walking on the branches growing on slippery rocks.

Full photo of Da Ban beach seen from above, the next journey of the climbing group is to conquer the slope 700.

Da Ban Beach is an ideal place for camping with a large, flat rock, a very nice and clear view to watch the sky, clouds, trees, and Tay Ninh city in the distance. Climbers on this route usually depart in the evening, after about 2 hours of climbing, they reach Da Ban beach to rest overnight, the next morning welcome dawn and continue the journey to conquer the legendary 700 slopes.

Called slope 700 because the slope is 700 m long, almost vertical, is the most challenging part of the White Stone road, it requires careful preparation because it is quite dangerous. The way to cross the slope safely is that the guide will climb up first, prepare a long rope, drop it down for the members to cling to the rope to climb. Climbers should prepare their own gloves and shoes with high grip, absolutely follow the instructions of the guide.

After crossing the 700 slopes, the climber has to go another 5-6 hours to reach the top of Ba Den. At this time, you can continue to climb to the top of the mountain according to the White Stone arc or turn to the water pipe to have diverse experiences when conquering Ba Den mountain.

Conquering slope 700 takes about an hour.

Recently, Ba Den Peak has been invested to build a cable car system to the top to serve tourists. The campus on the top of the mountain has also been renovated to be more beautiful and cleaner with flower gardens blooming in 4 seasons. Especially, the tallest bronze statue of Ba Tay Bo Da Son in Asia was inaugurated. Hopefully, with this investment, Ba Den Mountain will always be an ideal destination for those who love to experience and explore.

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