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The extremely attractive climbing spots are located “close to the wall” in Ho Chi Minh City for anyone to try

Office workers relax by climbing mountains to immerse themselves in the fresh natural space, camping in the middle of the forest at climbing spots near Ho Chi Minh City.

Mrs. Black Mountain

One of the most famous climbing places near the city. In Ho Chi Minh City many people have visited is Ba Den Mountain. Dubbed the “roof of the Southeast”, Ba Den Mountain is located about 100km from Saigon, with an altitude of 986m with 4 roads including electric poles, pagoda roads, Doc Da Trang street, and Ma Thien street. Lanh. The roads with majestic mountain scenery, a cool and fresh climate will give you a very “chill” feeling and extremely relieve your mood during the journey of conquest.

Photo: Hue Nguyen, Trekking Green Journey- Climbing day tour

Of the 4 roads, the electric pole is the most popular road for office workers because the road is cool, there are arrows to guide you, so you are not afraid of getting lost, and the steep slopes are not too difficult to go… Depending on your fitness level You can climb to the top of the mountain after about 3-5 hours. This road is quite long, few people pass by and there are no shops along the way, so when climbing, you need to pay attention to prepare enough food, water and medicine in advance to make sure you can improvise. with all situations.

During the climb, you can stop to rest, drink water, admire the scenery at landmarks 55 and 65. Although the road is somewhat thorny, it will definitely be one of the extremely memorable experiences in your life.

The extremely attractive climbing spots are located “close to the wall” in Ho Chi Minh City for anyone to try

Photo: Huynh Phung Thien Kim, Nguyen Huynh

Chua Chan Mountain

After Ba Den mountain, Chua Chan mountain, also known as Gia Ray mountain, or Gia Lao mountain, is the second highest mountain in Dong Nai in the South. With an altitude of 837m above sea level, charming and poetic scenery, and only about 2 hours by car from Ho Chi Minh City, this is truly a climbing point that the office community should experience. Chua Chan Mountain has two roads: the direction of the pagoda road and the road of electric poles. In particular, the electric pole road is the easiest route to take, it only takes you about 2-4 hours to climb to the top of the mountain, which is very suitable for office workers to choose to exercise.

Photo: Le Tran An, Nguyen Hau

The pole road has 145 numbered columns from the foot to the top of the mountain so you can easily track your journey. Just follow all 145 electric poles and you have reached the top of the mountain. With unspoiled natural scenery, immense heaven and earth, plus a protruding rocky outcrop, this is the most beautiful place for you to watch the sunset and take advantage of “virtual living”.

When climbing Chua Chan mountain, you need to pay attention that there are only 2 “supply stations” at column 42 and at the top of the mountain. This means that more than 2/3 of the road does not have anyone selling anything. Therefore, before setting off, you need to fully check food, food, drinking water… as well as daily physical exercise to achieve the most complete trip.

Photo: Truong Cat Ngoc, Tram Apple Ng

Mount Dinh

About 80km from Ho Chi Minh City, Dinh mountain is located in three communes: Hoi Bai, Long Huong and Chau Pha, Chau Thanh district, Ba Ria-Vung Tau town. Dinh mountain has an altitude of more than 400m above sea level, possessing charming beauty of the sea. This is an interesting climbing place for office workers to “change the wind” on the weekend. Along the way to the top of La Ban – Dinh mountain, there are many signposts and almost all trails are available, so you can completely enjoy the experience without fear of getting lost. Because it is not too high like other mountains, it only takes about 1-2 hours for you to climb to the top. If office workers want to try climbing for the first time, they should prioritize choosing this mountain to easily conquer.

Photo: Tram Apple Ng, Dong Son Hai Nguyen

Although not too high, but because this place used to have very strong revolutionary activities in the past, so far, there are still many historical sites such as: Hang Mai pagoda, Hang To pagoda, Hang Ong Trong pagoda… for you to forgive. Lake discovered during the process of conquering the top of Compass. Standing on the top of the Compass, looking far away, you can almost see the beauty of Long Son peninsula.

Photo: Tram Apple Ng

Dinh Mountain has many interesting places for you to choose to camp such as: on the top of La Ban, near the Fairy Stream tourist area or the casuarina beach next to the stream. Under the starry night sky, in the chilly air, by the flickering campfire, everyone enjoys the evening, chats with each other… just to relieve the mood after hard working days, just as well. for colleagues to understand each other better.

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