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5 Restaurants for Partner Meetings in Ho Chi Minh City

Instead of talking about work in the meeting room, to make the atmosphere more comfortable, many people choose to meet and exchange with partners at the dining table.

With important business appointments, choosing the right dining place somewhat helps you create sympathy and increase intimacy with your partner.

You should choose a dining place based on a number of criteria such as personal preferences, meeting situations, and intimacy level with partners.

5 Restaurants for Partner Meetings in Ho Chi Minh City

CTY Kitchen + Bar offers a modern, comfortable but not messy dining space thanks to a combination model of restaurant and bar. The outdoor sitting area is arranged with many trees, designed to make the most of natural light, creating a feeling of airy and relaxing.

The menu here is Vietnamese ingredient fusion dishes, pastries, coffee, cocktails and wine. Food and drinks are subject to change according to the time frame. From 7am, the restaurant serves pastries. Breakfast and light meals are served from 9am-14:30. Oyster dishes are available from 16:00 to 19:00 or from 7:00 PM until the meal is over. Snacks are served from 4pm to 9pm. Wines and cocktails are served throughout.

It is the variety of food and drinks that makes it so flexible for appointments at CTY. The last time I came here for breakfast and work, then I had a character interview and lunch.

In the morning, I have a breakfast baller set of sour bread, eggs, bacon, cherry tomatoes and vegetables, plus an espresso. Character appointment lunch, I ordered a 2-person meal including pumpkin salad, kale (pumpkin & kale), Hoi An Chashu noodles (char siu noodles), mushroom garlic risotto (sauteed garlic mushroom rice).

If you come here in the evening, you can enjoy oysters and sip colorful cocktails.

Recommended Foods: Espresso, Watermelon Cake, Beef Menchi Sando, Omuraisu, Mushroom Risotto, Hoi An Chasu Noodle, Oysters

The special feature of this restaurant is served according to the festive dining pattern, diners will dine in a colorful, vibrant but no less luxurious festive atmosphere. This is an interesting place for you to meet your partner, discuss work in an open and comfortable atmosphere.

The restaurant prepares colorful costumes, diners can transform into characters such as dancers, captains, immersed in a music party after enjoying a meal downstairs.

Mr. Sakal Phoeung, the restaurant’s chef, said that the menu at P’Ti Saigon is Mediterranean-style, blending Southern French cuisine. The chef introduced diners to try the typical Peruvian Ceviche seafood salad, which is modified with Da Nang green pepper.

Because the space is unique, you should consider it when appointing a partner here. If you do not match colorful costume parties, you should dine downstairs in a restaurant space combining a luxurious bar lounge.

Suggested treats: Goose liver, ceviche, provencal salad, baked goods

Thi Sach, Ben Nghe ward, district 1

– D10, Thao Dien ward, district 2

– Vo Van Tan, ward 6, district 3

Contrary to P’ti Saigon, Hum is a suitable place for partners who like quiet, elegant space, love nature and frugal food. One of the other reasons I chose HUM for the partner meeting is that the restaurants are located in the central district. From my home in Binh Thanh or from a company in District 2, it is convenient to get to Hum’s facilities.

The shop owns green space when the paths are decorated with many trees and flowers. As soon as you step into the restaurant, you will feel the herb aroma, bringing a sense of relaxation and relief.

Each facility is designed differently. Hum District 1 brings a modern space with a bar, wooden lotus-shaped walls, and a small lake. Hum District 3 is located in the old French villa, with a small lotus lake, quiet, nostalgic space. Hum district 2 has green space with many trees.

The menu at Hum is imprinted with traditional Vietnamese dishes when using regional ingredients such as greens, Que Son cassava (Quang Nam), Gia Lai forest vegetables, banana flowers …

Suggested dishes: Lotus root sprinkled with sesame salt, Que Son cassava noodle mixed with spicy sauce, greens salad, lotus leaf brown rice …

Located on the big street in the center of District 1, Vietnam House restaurant is an ancient villa built in the early 20th century. The architectural style of the building is classic and luxurious.

Vietnam House serves Vietnamese fusion dishes. The restaurant menu was built by original Vietnamese chef Luke Nguyen.

This place is the destination for you to introduce to international partners traditional Vietnamese dishes using premium ingredients, processed in luxury style. From the familiar seafood spring rolls, the restaurant upgraded the dish to be more attractive with lobster ingredients. Grilled scallops are also varied when combined with sturgeon eggs.

Suggested dishes: Traditional duck salad, deep-fried seabass with bell peppers in black soy sauce, traditional coconut milk tofu served with ginger sugar sauce and semolina.

For meticulous foreign partners, not suitable for Vietnamese dishes, La Villa is the right choice for a French fine dinning meal. Located in Thao Dien area, the restaurant is one of the places to enjoy famous French cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City.

The entrance is quite small but the dining space is spacious with indoor, outdoor and poolside areas. La Villa only serves lunch from 11h45-13h30 from Thursday to Saturday. It is not easy to have a nice seat if you have not booked a table in advance.

If you have a lunch date at the restaurant, you can order a quick lunch set for 690,000 VND / person including lobster with conchiglioni cheese sauce, spinach, garlic sauce salad, served with 3 kinds of cheese or for dessert is apple tart.

Suggested dishes: Two-course lunch set, L’entrecote steak using premium black angus beef.

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