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Four of the best new restaurants in Hanoi

A Ban Mountain Dew, Chapter Dining & Grill Hanoi, Koki House Of Senses, and Hudson Rooms are the most popular names in Hanoi.

On October 9, the American magazine CnTraveler published a list of the most popular and best new restaurants in Hanoi. This result is based on the votes of travelers around the world and experts of this famous travel magazine.
The first name mentioned is A Ban Mountain Dew, which specializes in serving dishes from the Northwest mountains. The restaurant owner is Lang Son, wishing to introduce to diners the most famous highland specialties such as grilled meats, five-color sticky rice…
Four of the best new restaurants in Hanoi
Besides, you can also enjoy the dishes of the Mong people such as Men Men, corn wine, and hot pot eaten with poultry, cattle and wild vegetables, bringing new and attractive flavors.
Chapter Dining & Grill Hanoi is the second name. The restaurant is located on Chan Cam street, Hoan Kiem district, just opened the year. According to a review from the American travel magazine, this is a place where “food is perfectly combined with art”.
Entering the restaurant, diners will be presented with an open kitchen where they can see first-hand how the dishes are prepared. The purpose of the open kitchen is to give diners confidence in the safety of what they will be provided by the restaurant.
Located in the Capella Hotel on Le Phung Hieu Street, Hoan Kiem District is Koki, a restaurant specializing in Japanese food. This place is considered to have a delicate design, suitable for guests who like quiet. For many guests, Koki is like a private room, where they enjoy delicious food and attentive service. One suggestion from diners is that you should book in advance, as this place is usually full.
Among the famous drinks at the bar are Nikko cocktails and cherry blossoms, Oita and boiling hot springs… Each glass of water is usually served with a light snack, imbued with Japanese identity. About the main dish, beef is the first suggestion for diners.
Located on the rooftop of the Capella Hotel is Hudson Rooms, the last name on the list of the best new restaurants. The restaurant’s interior is inspired by the central station in New York, USA, but this place always claims to “bring in the breath of Hanoi capital”.
Two of the most popular dishes here are oysters, and caviar, sipped with fine wine. In addition, you can also try pastrami-style salted fresh fish with coffee and wine, or grilled lobster with cheese…

(According to CnTraveler )

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