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CNN voted Hanoi as one of the world’s most attractive destinations in the fall of 2022

According to CNN, Hanoi has all the features that make it an attractive destination in the fall of this year.

On Sunday, August 21, CNN introduced a list of the top 12 best destinations in the world for the autumn of 2022, in which Hanoi is considered “an interesting bright spot” with beautiful scenery and climate. comfortable.

Hanoi in autumn, nature changes its clothes, all over the streets are foliage mixed with red and yellow colors, the sky is clear, cool, and the scent of nuggets makes people’s hearts flutter.

In addition, coming to Hanoi’s autumn, visitors can comfortably enjoy the famous delicious dishes of this place, such as Hanoi fish cake or Hanoi shrimp cake. These are all specialties you cannot miss when coming to Hanoi. In particular, in the cold weather, there is nothing better than eating fish cakes with vermicelli and sweet and sour fish sauce with a little chili. This dish is sure to make you smile forever.

The old beauty is full of nostalgia in every little corner.

Scott Keyes, the founder of the US travel consulting site Scott’s Cheap Flights, also suggests tourists some interesting tours when coming to Hanoi such as: Walking around the Old Quarter or visiting the outskirts of Hanoi. Inside, for example, to Dong Ngac village, which still preserves almost intact the beauty of a famous ancient science village…

CNN voted Hanoi as one of the world’s most attractive destinations in the fall of 2022

The rustling streets of falling yellow leaves – a specialty of Hanoi’s autumn.

Besides Hanoi, other places also introduced in the list of the most beautiful destinations in this fall are Mexico City, North America; the city of Madrid, Spain; Egypt; Cape Town, South Africa; Bavaria, Germany, Samoa, Azores, Portugal, Hawaii…

Here are some beautiful pictures of the most prominent landmarks introduced by CNN in the aforementioned list.

Mexico City.

Azores, Portugal.

The island of Samoa in the South Pacific.

City of Madrid, Spain.


Cape Town, Nam Phi.

Bavaria, Germany.


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