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The most beautiful university in Hanoi: What school is like in a charming country, there is a story that has caused a stir on social media for a long time

This school has long been a must-visit place for students in Hanoi.

Located in Trau Quy, Gia Lam (Hanoi), Vietnam Academy of Agriculture is the leading university specializing in training agro-forestry-fishery majors in the North, and also belongs to the group of thirty universities. a leading school in Southeast Asia. This national key school belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Currently, the Vietnam National Academy of Agriculture offers multidisciplinary and multi-level training with 55 undergraduate majors, 22 master’s majors, and 18 doctoral training majors. The Academy not only trains agriculture, fisheries, and veterinary sciences but also trains business, economics, management, engineering technology, and social sciences. In 2021, the standard score according to the school’s high school graduation examination method ranges from 15 to 23.

The most beautiful university in Hanoi: What school is like in a charming country, there is a story that has caused a stir on social media for a long time

Vietnam Academy of Agriculture.

There are 6 major groups with only 15 points, equivalent to 5 points / subject to be admitted, including Cultivation and Plant Protection, Fruit and Vegetable Technology and Landscape Technology, English Language, Land and Real Estate Management, Fisheries, Sociology. The remaining industry groups took from 15.5 to 20, up from last year. Logistics and supply chain management got the highest score of 23, up 5 points from last year. This is also a hot subject at many universities.

In addition to the outstanding quality of training in the field of agriculture – forestry – fishery, one of the things that make students excited about the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture is because: This is the largest school in Vietnam with an area of ​​​​nearly 200 hectares. Not only large, but the school is also extremely beautiful, but also known as “the most charming university in Vietnam”.

Because once entering the school, students will be overwhelmed by the poetic space, like a charming place with lotus gardens, lakes, and seasonal flower gardens. Every time there is afternoon sunlight, the whole school is immersed in the beautiful golden color of chicken fat.

Administrative building of Vietnam Academy of Agriculture.

A corner of the student square of the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture.

Vietnam Academy of Agriculture is a favorite check-in place for many young people.

If you do not know, many people think that they are lost in a park, not a school. Also because the Agricultural Academy is so large and beautiful that every year, many foreign students are eager to visit, take “virtual life” photos. The school has also become a must-visit tourist destination.

It is known that the Vietnam Agricultural Academy has 4 lakes on campus, along with interesting legends. Although the stories have not been certified, but have caused a stir on social networks for a long time, making the school in the Gia Lam district even more interesting, attracting more people to visit.

Specifically, the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture has four lakes: Ho Hope; Lake of Love; Lake of Friendship, and Lake of Despair. Accordingly, the legend associated with the name of each lake is as follows:

– Lake of Love: This lake is located in front of Nguyen Dang lecture hall. Many former students said that Ho Hope Lake has a lot of fish and is often visited by students. Also here, many meetings between male and female students took place, creating a premise for many budding relationships.

– Ho Hope: This lake is located in front of lecture hall B, which is said by students to be very sacred. Generations of students have told me that if you have a wish, you should practice cleanliness for 3 days, choose the zodiac hour, and then go to the lake, holding a stone (maybe a pebble or a small marble) and a plate. benevolence. Then, proceed to burn incense, kneel to pray and express your wishes, and then throw the stone into the water. If the rock floats, the wish will come true.

Four famous lakes at the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture.

– Lake of Friendship: This lake is located in front of lecture hall A. The legend of this lake is as follows: Single students often come here to sit and play. And the “FA comrades” together because of the same sorrow, happened to make more friends.

– Lake of Despair: This lake is located in front of lecture hall C. Because the lake gives off a heavy atmosphere, many students say to each other, if you are facing problems in life but passing through the lake, it is easy to receive bad luck.. .Follow Phap luật va bạn đọc

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