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Bun thang shop sells 500 bowls every night

HANOI – Although only operating in the evening, Bun Thang Ba Duc sells 500 bowls a day, weekends or Tet holidays can be up to 800 bowls.

Located on Cau Go Street in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, Bun Thang Ba Duc has been over 30 years old and is loved by many people. The shop only sells in the evening from 4pm to 10pm, on weekends until late at night. Around dusk, the stalls at 48 Cau Go begin to smoke.

Bun thang is a long-standing traditional dish of Hanoi cuisine. The noodle dish originates from the processing of leftovers after Tet, which is quite meticulous and sophisticated in ingredients and processing steps.

To have a standard bowl of bun thang requires at least 20 ingredients. Many people think that the reason for the name bun thang is because this dish has many ingredients that combine like medicinal ladders. There is also another opinion, thang in Chinese means soup. Bun thang can be understood as “vermicelli is filled with soup”. Bun thang has a cool broth, suitable for both winter and summer.

Ms. Ngoc, Mrs. Duc’s daughter-in-law, said that the noodle shop is crowded all year round. The shop has 6 people serving, never resting. Normally, the shop sells about 500 bowls every day, peak days like weekends and Tet holidays up to 800 bowls. The shop is located only 300 meters from Hoan Kiem Lake, many tourists pass by. In addition, the restaurant also serves many long-time patrons.

“Some people have been eating since they were children, and have been visiting the restaurant for decades now,” Ngoc said.

The dining area for guests is located on the sidewalk with about 6 tables, low chairs. Because of the limited space, there are times when the shop is overloaded. Some guests will have to enter the house about 100 meters deep in the alley. The stall is the place to place the pot of broth and display the prepared ingredients. Glass cabinet containing chicken, intestines, eggs, colon…

For more than 30 years of maintaining the bun thang shop, Mrs. Duc has passed the profession on to her son and daughter-in-law. For three years now, the shop has been completely taken over and served by her descendants.

Among the types of vermicelli, bun thang requires meticulous and sophisticated ingredients. The processing steps require a lot of time and detail. Chicken is boiled and then shredded by hand. Chicken skin is also filtered separately and torn into thin pieces.

Golden fried eggs, sausages, radishes are sliced ​​into thin strands. In particular, these fibers must be thin, even, and delicious. In addition, in the composition of the bowl of bun thang, shiitake mushrooms are indispensable.

The owner said that the ingredients and suppliers are carefully selected. Chicken, bones, vegetables and other ingredients must be fresh and used up within the day. Every day, the family wakes up early in the morning to choose, prepare ingredients and boil the broth. The broth is simmered with pork and chicken bones, adding dried shrimp heads, so the taste is sweet and strong.

When there are customers eating, the owner of the restaurant blanchs the noodles in boiling water, puts the chicken and other ingredients in a bowl, and then pours the broth in. The water of bun thang is clear, the waves are flooded with noodles. Noodles are soft and white, tough enough not to be crushed. The bowl of bun thang Ba Duc is hot, eye-catching, with the yellow color of fried eggs, spring rolls, the red color of carrots, dotted with green onions and laksa leaves. Our chicken is carefully selected, so it is tough and sweet.

When enjoying bun thang, diners can add vinegar, chili, garlic, pepper and shrimp paste to enhance the flavor. Guests can request to add sprouts to the vermicelli if they like. Besides bun thang, the restaurant also serves mixed pho, chicken vermicelli, boiled egg yolk.

A bowl of bun thang here costs 60,000 VND. Many diners rate the price here higher than similar popular noodle shops in Hanoi.($1=24,000 VND)

Ms. Lan Anh (a tourist from Da Nang) shared: “I find the price high, but it is also suitable for the quality. Bun thang is always a dish. Bun thang is always a dish. It’s my favorite when I go to Hanoi. I like the sophistication in the ingredients and preparation of this noodle dish.”

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