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Hang Ma Street “wears a new shirt”, colorfully welcomes Christmas

Christmas is still a month away, but Hang Ma Street (Hoan Kiem District) has put on a “new shirt” with thousands of vibrant colors, attracting many young people to come to have fun and take pictures. photos, and shopping.

As noted by PV at noon on November 25, the stores along both sides of Hang Ma Street were flooded with items for the Christmas season, even though it’s been another month before Christmas.

Thousands of decorative items with diverse types and vibrant colors are sold at stores on Hang Ma Street to attract people to shop.

As every year, the Christmas tree – the symbol of Christmas – is the most sold item. Some stores have imported pine trees with many sizes, different prices, with trees 3 m high, brightly decorated, and priced at tens of millions of dong.

A fully decorated Christmas tree, 1.5 m high, originating from China, is offered by shop owners for an average price of about 5 million VND.

There is still one month left until Christmas, so most customers from faraway places come to buy goods to re-retail, or some customers buy to decorate the interior and exterior space for restaurants, cafes and houses. private.

Many young people took advantage of their lunch break to come to Hang Ma Street to find their favorite decorations for Christmas. Other young people visit, walk around the street, take pictures…

At this time, Hang Ma Street is still not crowded with customers buying goods in the middle of the week. 

Recorded in the evening of the same day, the whole Hang Ma street was lit up by decorative lights from the stalls.

Compared to the morning, customers were more crowded and busier. Some parents after work have brought their children to, look at and choose their favorite items to decorate Christmas at home.

According to a small trader, although the items on sale this year are diverse and somewhat richer than in previous years, because of the Covid-19 epidemic , people’s shopping demand has decreased significantly. Usually, at this time in previous years, many products are still out of stock, stores have to continuously import more. But this year is the complete opposite.

The vibrant, colorful space in the evening attracts many young people to come to take pictures, check-in and shop.

These days, the police of Hang Ma ward have also strengthened the inspection and supervision of the sales of shops while the epidemic is still not completely controlled, avoiding large crowds.

The annual Christmas holiday is held on the evening of December 24 and lasts until December 25. In Vietnam, for many years now, Christmas is not only a holiday for Christians but has become an occasion to have fun with many people, give loved ones and friends gifts and best wishes. healthy in life. Follow Dan Tri

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