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Dried firewood branches suddenly become expensive on Christmas, the price is up to hundreds of thousands of dong/per bundle

Dried firewood branches suddenly became expensive on this occasion, some people bought dozens of bundles for decoration.

At this time, the market for gifts and decorations for Christmas is very busy. Besides the pine trees costing tens of millions of dong ordered by customers, dried firewood branches are also bought by many people to make their own decorative pine trees for their families.

“The pine tree made from dry wood branches is both cheap and beautiful, and very unique and strange. I really like it, so in recent years, I have spent a few hundred thousand every years to buy a lot of firewood branches and decorations to do it myself, creating a Christmas atmosphere in the family for my children,” said Ms. Xuan, Hanoi) shared.

The pine tree made of dry wood branches is both beautiful and unique

In previous years, she often bought decorative items and dried firewood from middlemen, so the price was very high. Having learned from experience, this year, she found a place to sell firewood for cooking, bought it for only 5,000 VND/bundle of 5 trees, she bought 10 bundles for only 50,000 VND, bringing it home to decorate.($1=25,000 VND)

Dried firewood branches suddenly become expensive on Christmas, the price is up to hundreds of thousands of dong/per bundle

Dried firewood branches are being bought by many people this Christmas season.

Buying 10 small bundles of firewood, she asked to add a large straight firewood to make the trunk of a pine tree. After that, she went to buy some more decorations for the pine tree such as dried oranges, cinnamon, pine cones, ropes, small pearls… bought a little of each for about 150,000 VND. The rest buy decorative lights at 20,000 VND, balls, and gift boxes for about 60,000 VND and some miscellaneous tools, all about 300,000 VND.

“I bring things home to create freely, do what I like, work with my children and decorate the tree in my family. It’s fun and helps me and my children develop creativity,” she said.

Many people buy firewood to make a Christmas tree with their children to create family cohesion

Selling dried wood branches to decorate Christmas for 2 years, Ms. Thuy Nguyen (Dong Da, Hanoi) said last year she sold hundreds of bundles of firewood with accessories. “A lot of customers have never made pine trees from dry firewood, never decorated themselves, so they don’t know what to buy, so I prepare them in sets for customers to buy,” Thuy shared.

The decoration set includes 6 dried firewood branches, ropes, decorative lights and 20 decorative accessories priced at only VND 99,000. With this set, she said that customers have enough accessories to just decorate. But anyone who wants to buy must order in advance, about 10 days to have the goods.

“Because the price is cheap and full of accessories, customers order a lot, there are days when I receive more than a dozen orders. Up to now, I have also sold dozens of sets,” she said.

On the market, the price of dried firewood branches ranges from 20,000 to 100,000 VND/bundle, depending on the quantity and length. Consumers can also order on e-commerce platforms or online marketplaces easily.

In addition to selling dry wood branches, many shops also make pine trees from wood branches and wood and sell them in the market. The price of hanging pine is only 50,000 – 60,000 VND/tree, while standing pine prices range from a few hundred to millions of VND/tree, depending on the size of the tree.

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