14.10.2022, 10:29

People rush to collect firewood after heavy rain, making millions of VND every day

Heavy rain and big waves washed a lot of garbage on Nguyen Tat Thanh beach, Da Nang, including many large logs. People pull together to the sea to collect firewood and sell it to people in need, pocketing millions of VND.

People rush to collect firewood after heavy rain, making millions of VND every day
Around 6 am, Mr. Truong Tuan (35 years old, living in Hoa Minh ward, Lien Chieu district) brought things to the sea to collect firewood. Looking at the sea, the man with a lot of experience in this rainy season said: “There is a lot of garbage and firewood, today I should earn a lot” (Photo: Hoai Son).
Wearing a raincoat, Tuan waded into the sea and pulled up a big tree. “This root is weird, I’m sure the woodworkers or orchid growers will love it,” Mr. Tuan said, pushing the stump towards the gathering yard and continuing to work (Photo: Hoai Son).
According to Mr. Tuan, in recent days, heavy rains have caused water in rivers and streams from upstream to flow to Nguyen Tat Thanh (Da Nang) sea, leading to tons of garbage, wood and firewood being washed ashore by waves, causing loss of life. environmental landscape (Photo: Hoai Son).
Because they want to contribute to cleaning up trash, many people like him have pulled carts to the sea to pick up these broken branches and wood chips to use in their families (Photo: Hoai Son).
As for the large tree trunks buried in the sand, people use saws, cut them to sell them to brick kilns or paper mills and even collectors to earn extra income (Photo: Hoai Son).
“The firewood here is soaked in sea water for a long time, so it’s very solid. The wood washed in has all kinds, from common to rare types. We just pick them all up and bring them ashore to sort them out,” he said. Tuan said (Photo: Hoai Son).
Firewood is collected by people, transported and sold once a day, earning millions (Photo: Hoai Son).
“This year, due to heavy rains and floods, the amount of wood and firewood poured to the coast is high, estimated at hundreds of tons. Just one morning, we picked up more than 1 ton of wood, this range sold 2 million VND”, Mr. Tuan shared. share (Photo: Hoai Son).
Not only people go out to collect firewood to sell, many people who play “hunt” for strange things also take advantage of the sea to find satisfactory logs to make driftwood, for display (Photo: Hoai Son).
Mr. Phan Van Luan (residing in Hoa Minh ward, Lien Chieu district) said that driftwood is usually very hard and eroded by sea water, so its strange and fancy shape, makes orchid growers like him very fond of him. take advantage of the sea to “hunt”, buy back from the previous picker (Photo: Hoai Son).
“I also picked up a few satisfactory roots and bought more than 5 originals from those who picked up first for nearly 1 million VND. These roots will be processed after being brought back to show off their beauty”, Mr. Luan said. said (Photo: Hoai Son).
Among the wood washed ashore was bamboo. Some people take advantage of the opportunity to collect these bamboo to make vegetable trellises and support their houses in the following storms (Photo: Hoai Son).

(Dan Tri)