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The photo of harvesting water lilies won the international prize

A photo of a water lily taken by female photographer Khanh Phan on a trip to the West has brought her 3rd prize at MIPA Travel.

Khanh Phan ‘s Harvesting water lily became the final winning photo with 3rd place in the MIPA Travel Award 2020/21 (Malta International Photo Award).

Female photographer Khanh Phan in Ho Chi Minh City realized that she was very predestined with the subject of water lilies when in the past 3 years from 2018 to 2021, all of the photos that won great prizes were thanks to this topic. In 2018, Flower on water won the gold prize in the Italian overhead photography competition. In 2019, the painting Washing water lily taken in Chau Doc, An Giang helped her win the top prize in Agora’s Work theme contest. At the end of 2020, Khanh Phan took a picture of Harvesting water lily during his trip to Kien Tuong, Moc Hoa, and Long An.

“As a woman, Khanh Phan really loves the materials in water lily photos. Both dynamic and still, the beauty of a Southern girl stands out with conical hats, ba ba dresses and vivid colors of river nature. Khanh Phan is very happy and proud to be able to put that beautiful image solemnly in many places around the world. To see Vietnam as beautiful, to let world friends know more, and at the same time to be grateful to the people. hard work”, the author shared.

The photo of Morocco took first place at the MIPA Travel Photographer of the Year 2020/21 award for photographer Minko Mihaylow. The work was created by Minko in the Sahara desert in Morocco just after sunrise.

MIPA is a photography award established in 2018, the organizers are based in Malta, a Mediterranean island nation that contains many historical and cultural values, whose language and heritage are heavily influenced by people. Semitic, European, Anglo-Saxon and African descent. After receiving thousands of photos from photographers around the world, the jury selected the top 3, second and third prizes, respectively, 7,500 Euro, 1,000 Euro and 500 Euro respectively, the top 5 works won 250 Euro and the artwork. Top 15 get 100 Euro bonus.

The second prize of the MIPA Travel Award belongs to photographer Ganjar Mustika with the photo Healing. The author shares about the content of the photo: The Mee is one of the Papuan tribes living in the central mountains of West Papua, Indonesia. They accumulate a lot of knowledge to learn how to live in a harmonious community, including lessons on living with the natural environment. The Mee people hunt wild animals including bats, grow sweet potatoes, taro, raise pigs and even catch fish to live.

Zen at Sea, a top 5 entry, by author Eddy Verloes captures Jewish men standing in front of the sea and feeling freedom their way. The photo is part of the Losing Our Minds photo series that Eddy made in early 2020 which is also a time when the world is in crisis because of Covid-19.

Praying picture taken by Rudy Oei at Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia, also entered the top 5 MIPA Travel Award. Bromo volcano is located not far from the tourist paradise of Bali, so it is often a combination destination for many tourists when coming to Bali. Most guests choose to take a jeep tour to the volcano or trek to the top to see the sunrise.

In addition to Khanh Phan, Vietnam also has author Ly Hoang Long with a photo in the top 15 named Bamboo Basket Seller. The work was taken by Mr. Long in Tat Vien village, Thu Si commune, Tien Lu district, Hung Yen province, where there is a 200-year-old traditional knitting village.

The Color of Floating Market by Gunarto Song captures the Lok Baintan traditional floating market in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Both a floating market where people trade in local agricultural products, Lok Baintan is also a famous tourist destination that attracts many international tourists.

The photo The Last Frontier is the result of photographer Amit Eshel after exploring Katmai National Park in Alaska, USA in early October 2020.

The spectacular aurora scene in the sky above Lofoten Islands, Norway also attracts many tourists and photographers to compose. Frantisek Toth’s Northern Light photo is in the top 15 best photos of the MIPA Travel Award.

The Ardah (Ardah Dance) is the work of Nilles Laurent capturing a traditional equestrian performance in Oman. Ardah is in fact a group folk dance of the Arab people, performed only by men before entering the war. Today, Ardah is performed in celebrations, celebrations, weddings, cultural festivals, national events… Follow vnexpress

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