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Quit the office job and travel to different places for a month

Tran Thu Quynh decided to quit her office job and move to freelance work, planning to travel to each place for about a month.

Quynh, 24 years old, from Ba Vi, Hanoi, currently works as a freelance graphic designer. Previously, she worked as an office worker in Hanoi and Bac Ninh.

As a nature lover and always having a desire to be away from the city, she wants to live and experience strange places, learn about different cultures. However, thinking about not being able, not ready and not daring to step out of the safe zone made Quynh keep her office job.

“I struggle with ideas a lot, between working in the office or picking up my backpack and going everywhere,” she said.

Quynh quit the office job and enjoys the present life more.

Then one day in March, Quynh decided to quit her job, arrange everything to start the journey of “traveling to each place for a month” from May. room, there’s nothing wrong with going back to Hanoi,” she told herself. Quynh and her best friend chose Da Lat , where she thought it was safe enough for the first “walking away” experiences.

Quitting the office job, Quynh realized a few things that she found good, one of which was making many new friends. “Before leaving, I thought it was just the two of us, working every day and checking-in when I was free, but met many people and roamed around Da Lat together,” she said and recalled the rainy day. Go to the picnic hill with friends, watch the sunset in the afternoon or hunt for clouds in the early morning. Leaving Da Lat, sometimes Quynh still receives a message from the landlord: “Waiting for Quynh to come back and then take it to a picnic, pick mushrooms”.

“It’s “Quynh coming back” now, not “Quynh coming to play” anymore,” she said.

Quynh returned to nature in Da Lat.

After a month in Da Lat, Quynh chose the next destination, Phu Quy . “The one-month mark I think is long enough to better understand life in the place I’m going. However, it’s also just a landmark, if it’s a happier, more beautiful place, I feel like staying more, I’ll stay. Now I’m in Phu Quy for the second month, and will return to Da Lat for as long as I want, not necessarily exactly one month,” Quynh said.

In Phu Quy, Quynh learned many things, especially the enthusiasm and positive energy of the islanders. Previously, she was an introvert, shy of crowds and difficult to approach. Gradually through the trips, she opened up more, especially when in Phu Quy. “I feel like I’ve changed,” she said. “The islanders live so sincerely and emotionally, they help me a lot. Anything good, happy, invites me, from fishing experience to ordinary life. Having fresh seafood, just going to the beach to bring home, also process and invite eat together,” Quynh said.

Quynh also experienced many firsts in Phu Quy, that is, seeing sea urchins, or sitting at the beach for the first time to prepare seafood, pulling down the nets to catch fish. Or more simply, for the first time, she saw a lot of birds flying around on Black Island and Egg Island, or lying on the beach until late at night without worrying.

Once in Phu Quy and Da Lat, Quynh started the day quite simply, getting up early to go jogging or cycling to watch the sunrise. After that, she went home to work remotely, in the afternoon, walked around watching the sunset, chatting with people around, gathering with friends in the neighborhood in the evening…

Quit the office job and travel to different places for a month
Life on Phu Quy island through Quynh’s lens.

To earn money for trips, Quynh works online. The two expenses she finds most important and necessary are house rent, about 1.5 to 2 million dongs a month, and motorbike about one to 1.5 million dongs a month. “Besides, eating, living, and having fun depends on each person’s needs, but I don’t see the difference as when I was in Hanoi.”

Regarding furniture, Quynh chose to bring minimalism, which is a laptop for work, a camera, clothes, shoes and some cosmetics. “Things that are really necessary can be brought, and basic everyday items are available almost anywhere, you can come and buy them,” she suggested.

Before, when starting the journey, Quynh often heard sentences like “money is not so important, just peace of mind is enough” and just clicked her tongue. But when she experienced life in a new way, she found herself “really going through those days, with peace of mind”.

“When I was working in an office, there were months when my income was double or triple now, but I always feel stressed and uncertain about the future. And now I have found what I want to do and am doing”, Quynh said. conclusion.

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