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How does virtual reality help find an office?

Countless benefits and new experiences when renting an office with virtual reality technology Office VR360

The appearance of Office VR360 technology has completely changed the viewing experience of tenants’ offices. Previously, if tenants wanted to observe the actual office building, they had to visit directly. But with Office Saigon VR360, tenants can watch at home using computers, mobile phones, iPads, etc., without having to wear virtual reality glasses.

Besides, tenants will be impressed by VR360 technology that brings a realistic virtual reality office viewing experience. The landscape, architecture and every detailed design of the building are 100% similar to those observed in reality.

In particular, viewers can also zoom in, zoom out, move up and down, left and right to observe the space with all angles. At the same time they can move in, out, up and down the floors and rooms of the building; Switch scenes from one building to another with just a click, or simple operations on the screen of an electronic device. For example, Bitexco Financial Tower is one of the Print

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