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7 spots to watch the sunset in Da Nang: it’s great to see it, it’s great to live in virtual reality

In the heart of the vibrant Da Nang city, where do you find a corner to watch the sunset? The following sunset spots in Da Nang are actually not too strange. You just stumbled across it by accident. Let’s find out with Luhanhvietnam what coordinates they are!

1. Son Tra Peninsula – the sunset viewing point in Da Nang is extremely “chill” from above 

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Son Tra peninsula is a gem of the coastal city of Da Nang. Because this is the place for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the sea, and many interesting experiences that are rarely found anywhere else. Of those activities, watching the sunset at the top of Ban Co is considered the most expensive experience. Located at the highest position of Da Nang city, Ban Co peak has winding and dangerous roads with steep cliffs on both sides that will challenge many adventurous believers. 

Table Top (Photo: _linh.hanaa)

When the last light of the day begins to fall, the whole coastal city appears with magical and fragile beauty. From here, you can zoom your eyes far away, watching the Dragon Bridge stretch out or the charming straits. 

Sunset in Son Tra peninsula (Photo: gody_travel)

2. Cu De river – a peaceful spot to watch the sunset in Da Nang 

The peaceful Cu De River is also one of the places to watch the sunset in Da Nang. The scenery here is as beautiful as a picture, but not many people know it. So the space is very quiet. The river has a length of about 40km, is downstream of the river flowing to the mouth of Nam O sea. 

Cu De River has a very poetic beauty (Photo: nlifami)

The river brings people to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere when sitting on the bank watching the calm water, watching the clouds and sky, letting their souls wander to peaceful emotions. 

(Photo: ngocdan.ht95)

3. My Khe Beach – romantic sunset spot in Da Nang 

My Khe Beach has been internationally honored as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. The scenery here is extremely poetic and impressive with the clear blue water nestled on the white sandy beach stretching for a long time. This is also one of the great sunset spots in Da Nang

My Khe beach has a very romantic sunset scene 

The evening light reddened the whole sky and then gradually weakened to give way to the shimmering beauty of the night. That enchanting scene will make your soul become more romantic. There is nothing more wonderful than sitting on the fresh beach, watching the beautiful sunset with your loved one. 

(Photo: nganbemakeup)

4. Nam O Beach – a unique sunset spot in Da Nang 

Bringing in wild and somewhat mysterious beauty, Nam O beach is considered a tourist destination with the remaining original beauty in our country. Nam O is also known as an area that still retains the ancient beauty of the ocean because of its beautiful coral reefs. 

7 spots to watch the sunset in Da Nang: it’s great to see it, it’s great to live in virtual reality
South Sea

When the sunset falls, the whole space becomes a bold orange-yellow on the coral reefs floating on the sea. The scenery was so wonderful and poetic. Walking leisurely in front of Nam O beach, listening to the waves lapping and immersing in the poetic scenery when the last rays of the sun fade out are really interesting. 

(Photo: i.amnhatlinh)

5. Tien Sa Port – the sunset viewing spot in Da Nang not to be missed 

Another beautiful sunset spot in Da Nang that you can refer to is Tien Sa port. This place is considered by many to be a pearl in the middle of a romantic country. 

(Photo: my_le_1196)

From the moment of dawn until the sunset, it is always a colorful picture with many impressive touches. The red and yellow colors have created a stunningly beautiful Tien Sa port. Standing on the shore of the Harbor, you can zoom your eyes towards the sun to admire the poetic features of nature. 

(Photo: top__teng)
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6. Golden Bridge – beautiful sunset spot in Da Nang

Golden Bridge is the only bridge in Da Nang that does not cross any river, located on the top of a high mountain with the most impressive design in the world. From a distance, the whole bridge looks like a golden silk strip pulled from the mountain bed and supported by a pair of giant hands. 

Vibrant red tints the whole Golden Bridge

When dusk comes, the whole Golden Bridge is submerged in the middle of the clouds. At that time, visitors seem to be lost in a fantasy landscape. 

The scenery here is amazing 

7. Thuan Phuoc Bridge – a favorite sunset spot in Da Nang 

The last address on the list of sunset spots in Da Nang is the Thuan Phuoc bridge. Da Nang is a city famous for its bridges, in which Thuan Phuoc bridge is a place frequented by young people. At the foot of the bridge, there is a beautiful field of reed grass, which is the coordinates of the pose, taking romantic pictures. 

(Photo: hhangsyn)

Besides, this bridge is also a point to help visitors see the whole charming city in the afternoon. The whole Thuan Phuoc bridge at that time was likened to a silk strip connecting the two banks of the Han River with its splendid orange-red color that will surely make you fall in love. 

(Photo: ptkl.104)

Such a beautiful sunset! If you are still wondering how to find a sunset viewing spot in Da Nang, you can immediately refer to the checklist above of Vinlove. 

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