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‘Eat down’ Bac My An Market with delicious Da Nang specialties that are hard to resist

Bac My An Market is a culinary paradise very familiar to many tourists because of the convergence of three factors: delicious, nutritious, and cheap. Vinlove will take you to explore the market to see if there is anything special!

About Bac My An Market 

Address: 25 Nguyen Ba Lan, Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang

Opening hours: 6:00am – 7:00pm

Bac My An Market is located in Ngu Hanh Son District, adjacent to the University of Economics, so it is frequented by many students. Along with an ideal location, this market has a long history, being one of the oldest markets in Da Thanh. So there is a certain number of patrons. 

‘Eat down’ Bac My An Market with delicious Da Nang specialties that are hard to resist
Bac My An Market 

In Bac My An market, there are many kinds of goods sold such as: green and fresh food, clothes, accessories, etc. However, the place is not famous for its diverse and quality products, but famous for its products. Cheap, delicious snacks are a familiar destination for many students. 

Bac My An Market is the oldest market in Da Nang
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What is the cuisine of Bac My An market? 

Miss Van’s avocado ice cream

If you are a foodie, you definitely can’t miss Miss Van’s avocado ice cream at Bac My An market . This is a small shop located in the middle of many other shops of the market. However, Ms. Van’s shop is always distinguished by the noise, laughter, and the crowd of guests coming in and out. The cup of butter cream here is made from two ingredients: cream and butter. It’s so simple, yet it has a unique flavor. The fresh, frugal taste of avocado mixed with the sweetness of home-made ice cream makes everyone who eats it must praise it. 

Co Van butter cream

Van’s avocado ice cream is a suitable snack for both students and tourists because it not only tastes delicious but also has a very reasonable price from only 8k – 15k. In addition to divine butter cream, the mandarin also sells other types of ice cream such as custard apple, jackfruit, durian, … and tea dishes. 

The taste of avocado ice cream here is very famous in Da Thanh

Spicy and sour snails

Spicy and sour suckling snails are the top favorite snacks at Bac My An market . As soon as they enter the food section of the market, visitors will be captivated by the passionate aroma of spicy and sour snails. At this market, there are two types of sucking snails: snails and snails. However, according to Da Nang travel experience, you should mix these two types together to feel the rich and diverse flavor. Snails will be stir-fried with spices, adding a little lemongrass, a little chili, and a spicy, aromatic fish sauce. Snails are usually served with pickled carrots, papaya, … All have created an irresistible delicious dish. 

Spicy and sour snails

Not only famous for the quality of super delicious food, but the price of smoked snails at Bac My An market is also super cheap. Ranging from 10k – 15k only. 

Just looking at it makes me hungry

Can cake, filter cake

Filter cake, can cake are very popular dishes in Da Nang. At Bac My An market, these are two types of cakes that are loved by many students because of their deliciousness and affordability. When coming here, visitors will enjoy the delicious taste of Banh Can. You can hear the sizzling sound when the owner makes the cake. Because it is fried directly, the cake is always hot and crispy. Dotted with rich, spicy fish sauce, add a little carrot and papaya, it’s always the best. 

Can cake

Every afternoon, going to the food court of the market, you will have to “swallow” full of filtered flour. At Bac My An market, you have two choices of filling: meat or shrimp. Each cake will be filled on the plate and then sprinkled with rich, fragrant fish sauce. Simple, rustic and delicious are the adjectives that describe the filter cake, Banh Can. Come to this market to enjoy quickly!

Bread flour

Noodles with fish sauce, vermicelli with grilled meat

For Da Nang people, grilled pork vermicelli and vermicelli are a very close and familiar dish. However, at Bac My An market, these two dishes are memorable because of their rustic and rich flavor. Therefore, no has captured the hearts of Da Nang people as well as tourists. 

The bowl of vermicelli noodles is cooked by the perfect combination of roasted peanuts, seasoning sauce and pork,… When eating, add a little fresh vegetables. With only these simple ingredients, this noodle dish has captivated countless guests. 

Noodles with fish sauce 

Don’t forget a bowl of delicious grilled pork vermicelli at the market. The bowl of vermicelli is always full of meat and the bottom is lined with raw vegetables, adding the fat of pounded peanuts,… Although the decoration is not beautiful, the taste is impeccable. Noodles with mam, vermicelli with grilled meat at Bac My An market have prices ranging from 10k – 20k.

Rice noodles with barbecue

Pepper cake, mixed rice paper

At the gate of Bac My An market, you can easily see stalls selling mixed rice paper and fragrant pepper cakes. Perhaps these two dishes are sold everywhere in Da Nang, but at this traditional market, banh pepper is a childhood memory of many people. 

Pepper cakes are the same everywhere, all made from flour, without filling. But surely you will be seduced by the sweet aroma, sponge cake crust, fat panther with small sesame seed flavor. The price of 1 pepper cake is only 5k / piece. 

Banh Tieu (Photo: TrungBuii)

Mixed rice paper is a dish that originated in Saigon but is loved by young people in Da Nang. This dish is the perfect combination between the chewy taste of rice paper, the sour taste of green mango, the fatty taste of peanuts, quail eggs, fresh herbs and wonderful sauce,… Mixed rice paper is priced from 10k – 15k. 

Cake mix

Wet cake, beat cake

Wet cake has long been a popular specialty of the Da Nang people. With simple and rustic ingredients, it has attracted many people to enjoy. You can eat wet cake, pound cake at any time of the day at Bac My An market. 

Beating cake

When you enjoy wet cake at the market, the owner will bring out a plate of quite attractive cakes including delicious cakes, rolls, and spring rolls. Underneath there is a layer of fresh green vegetables with a little fish sauce prepared separately, … All create a dish that seems simple but the taste is not trivial with the price from 10k – 20k. 

Wet cake

It can be said that, with countless delicious dishes and reasonable prices, Bac My An market is truly an attractive address for the “food-addicted” team. With the above sharing, hopefully, you will have more information to prepare to eat this culinary paradise in Da Nang !

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