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Lost in the culinary paradise of hundreds of “delicious and cheap” dishes in Da Nang

Con Market is known by many as the “paradise” of cuisine in the heart of Da Nang city. The unique street food inside the busy market has attracted many diners when arriving here.

Lost in the culinary paradise of hundreds of “delicious and cheap” dishes in Da Nang
Con Market is the busiest market in Da Nang City, located at the corner of the intersection of Hung Vuong and Ong Ich Khiem streets, Hai Chau district. It is easy to find many Da Nang specialties here. The stalls lying next to each other, the food is arranged clean, eye-catching, and the scent will make you unable to resist but come to enjoy immediately.
There are two separate dining areas located inside and outside the market. A range of food and drinks in the market will serve customers from 6 am to 19:30 pm, this area is called “Court Food”. If you come to the market at 3pm, you should try to choose the outside food area to experience a new feeling, this area is called “Street Food”
The indoor dining area is arranged quite neatly, cleanly, divided into 2 rows of shops close to opposite corners, creating a spacious and airy path. One side serves sweets with tea, smoothies, fruits, … the other side is savory goods with countless choices such as vermicelli, grilled meat vermicelli, snail, noodles, rice, banh can , …
All dishes are reasonably priced, clearly listed, ranging from 15,000-40,000 VND. The “poetic” of the cuisine here will make diners stop eating and forgetting the way home without fear of “running out of bags”.
Coming to Con market in Da Nang, it is impossible to ignore the smoking snail, the ultimate sipping dish on rainy days or even the hot summer heat. The snails are bold, fragrant lemongrass, chili, dipped with ginger fish sauce to create a delicious taste that is hard to resist
Unlike Court Food, Street Food – an outdoor dining area will give you an enjoyable experience that is hard to get. Eating while watching Con market sinking in the crowd of people. Although the seats are somewhat cramped, creating a culture of fast food and fast food to give seats to the next person, but still captures the hearts of Da Thanh people as well as visitors every occasion.
It seems that the whole “junk food paradise” is as small as a market, from banh mi, banh beo, broccoli, banh xeo, spring rolls, broken rice noodles, quang noodles, grilled chicken, … all have a very expensive price. soft but quality. All dishes are processed in the style of Da Thanh, and remember to eat once for a lifetime
In the afternoon, when entering the market, you will be attracted by the trays filled with shrimp and green bean paste, served with silk rolls, shrimp crackers sprinkled with a little rich fish sauce, delicious.
Types of banh beo, filter cake, banh can, … are popular dishes in Con market and are favored by students and students because of their rustic, rustic, palatable, and affordable features.
Created by the perfect combination of delicious salty, rich fish sauce, roasted peanut pulp, pork, and fresh vegetables. The noodle bowl here is sure to cause a crush on “junk food lovers” with just one try
Unlike the southern lagoon, which is famous for its rich dipping sauce and flexible variation in the way of eating, breaking the mix of Da Nang specialties, although it looks more different but equally attractive. The dish is simply a combination of boiled beef, mixed with herbs, lettuce and green mango, and the secret of special ginger fish sauce is spicy enough to captivate people.
After filling your stomach with main courses, don’t forget to dess yourselves with a list of charming sweets with specialties in butter cream, smoothies, central tea, … and a thousand different types of fruit juices
The variety of central tea varieties such as banana tea, grapefruit tea, taro tea or water-drifting tea, … all have a sweet and fresh taste, will surely satisfy the most demanding guests
In addition to instant dishes, Con market also has a place to sell dry specialties including squid, dried seafood, dried beef, dried chicken with lemon leaves, fish sauce, … at affordable prices, these will be Italian gifts. meaning, suitable as a gift to a friend or relative
It is no coincidence that Da Nang is known as “the city worth living”. In addition to the landscape and beautiful nature, there is also a rich culinary scene with street food inside the busy market. Come to Con market to experience great shopping moments, explore the attractive dining space, immerse yourself in the life of local people. Friendly and friendly people are also the attraction of Con market in particular and Da Nang city in general

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