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Discover the cuisine of Nha Chung – a dining paradise in the heart of Da Lat

Referring to the cuisine of the Nha Chung area, surely the devotees who love Da Lat are too familiar, this place not only has the famous banh can shop but also has countless delicious dishes and delicious restaurants for diners to stop and enjoy.

Dalat in the mind of tourists not only has dreamlike beauty, romantic atmosphere, but also the presence of bustling food courts with a paradise of delicious dishes waiting. Nha Chung food court in Da Lat is one of the attractive destinations for foodies because there are not only famous Dalat specialty shops but also the convergence of delicious regional specialties. If you want to enjoy a lot of delicious dishes in Da Lat but are afraid to move a lot, then check-in and experience the cuisine of the Nha Chung area, where there will be a “forest” of delicious dishes for you to choose and enjoy. 

Where is the Common House? 

Nha Chung food court is located on Nha Chung Street in Ward 3, Da Lat City, this is the busiest snack street because it focuses on 2 schools, so the restaurants open a lot. After gradually becoming famous, Nha Chung is a familiar destination for tourists. The cuisine in Nha Chung area is very diverse from filling dishes to entertaining such as can cake, can cake, mixed rice paper, grilled skewers…

Nha Chung area or Nha Chung street is an attractive culinary destination in Da Lat. Photo: @imsonng

An interesting feature is that each restaurant in Nha Chung area will have a different sales time frame, some open from early morning, some open from noon and some open from 4pm. In the evening, Nha Chung food street will be more bustling, tourists and young people from Da Lat will flock here more to enjoy snacks to night dishes. 

In addition to the convergence of many delicious restaurants and diverse food, the reason why Nha Chung’s cuisine attracts visitors is that it is located in the heart of the city, so after eating and drinking, visitors can easily check- Print nearby places or after visiting, you can visit Nha Chung Street, enjoy very convenient dishes.

Discover the cuisine of Nha Chung – a dining paradise in the heart of Da Lat

This area is located in the center, so it is very convenient for visitors to check-in. Photo: Lam Dong Newspaper

Discover the cuisine of Nha Chung area with delicious restaurants

1. Chung House Cake Shop

Referring to banh can in Da Lat, people will immediately think of Nha Chung street cake shop, this is the most famous and delicious place to eat banh can in the foggy country. The shop is located at the beginning of Nha Chung street, so it is easy to find, the shop’s can cake is very delicious, diners can see the process of making cakes on the spot. Can cake hot crispy, slightly watching, delicious peach egg filling. The dipping sauce is made from fried onions, green mango, onion fat with peanuts, so it is very fragrant and fatty.

Nha Chung cake shop is very famous on the culinary map of Da Lat. Photo: @chocoblueberry

Diners coming to this restaurant often use to sell apartments and home-made shumai. This shumai dish is also very attractive, firm, sweet and not greasy. The owner is very welcoming and very sweet. The price of the dishes of this restaurant is only from 20,000 VND to 40,000 VND. 

Visitors here can watch the cake pour directly. Photo: @lanwiththi

Address: No. 1 Nha Chung Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City 

2. Xuan An soup cake

Along with Nha Chung cake, Xuan An soup cake is the top famous restaurant in Da Lat. This is also a familiar stop for tourists when discovering the cuisine of Nha Chung area . This cake shop was more than 30 years old, called Mrs. Quyt’s shop, later changed to Xuan An. The space of the restaurant is very spacious, with 2 floors, meeting the regular enjoyment needs of diners. Although the restaurant is always crowded and bustling, the service style is very open.

Xuan An’s soup cake is extremely famous. Photo: @dhangng_

In the morning, the shop will sell beef noodles, Quang noodles or fish noodles, in the afternoon they will sell banh chung. Xuan An’s soup cake is very delicious with rich broth, moderate weave and not fishy at all. The noodles are clear, not friable, and have the right toughness to eat very well. The menu of the shop’s banh chung dishes only includes banh chung or banh chung. The selling price is from 18,000 VND to 30,000 VND depending on the size. 

The taste of banh chung here is rich in flavor, and the fibers are just right. Photo: @bachuaviahe

Address: No. 15B Nha Chung Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City 

3. Co Mai Nha Chung grilled rice paper

Discovering the cuisine of Nha Chung area in Dalat, you will definitely not be able to miss this restaurant. Da Lat grilled rice paper is a famous specialty and Co Mai restaurant on Nha Chung street is the best address here. The shop has a space of simply carrying rice paper and a few chairs, but it is always crowded, but the diners come here to sit in an orderly manner, not in a hurry.

Mai restaurant is the favorite choice of tourists when they want to enjoy grilled rice paper. Photo: @evivavietnam

The shop’s rice paper has many varieties, but the most delicious is the cheese beef quail, mango shrimp, pate cha or cheese chicken. The hot, juicy rice paper of Ms. Mai’s restaurant always makes diners crave even though it takes time to wait. The price here is also very affordable, from 15,000 VND to 25,000 VND depending on the individual. 

The rice paper here is very cheap, the taste is attractive. Photo: @phidrgenlago

Address: No. 1C Nha Chung Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City.

4. Dream Garden 

This is the address to enjoy delicious dishes at Nha Chung Street. Here you can enjoy countless delicious specialties from 3 regions from grilled dishes, hot pot, snacks to dishes. In particular, if you are mobile, you can order attractive combos to enjoy both saving money and enjoying many delicious dishes. This is a new but quite popular address recently on Nha Chung Street, Dalat. 

Garden of Mo Quan is a famous new culinary address in Nha Chung area. Photo: FB/ Garden of Dreams

Address: Alley 13, Nha Chung Street, Ward 3, Da La City

5. Chicken La Ca Da Lat 

Chicken La Ca is a restaurant that specializes in selling Korean dishes, especially chicken, this restaurant is a favorite stop for young people when they want to eat Korean food. The space is decorated luxuriously and politely, the menu of dishes is diverse. Visitors here can enjoy attractive Korean chicken dishes such as spicy melted cheese chicken, fried chicken balls, chicken jumbo mix, Korean fried chicken or other typical dishes for Korean cuisine such as fish cakes, Mandu cakes, mixed vermicelli, mixed rice, rice rolls… 

Chicken La Ca specializes in selling very attractive Korean chicken dishes. Photo: FB / Chicken La Ca

Address: No. 13A Nha Chung Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City 

6. Nha Chung fried food/snack shops 

It can be said that fried food and snacks are the soul of the cuisine of Nha Chung , the fried food stalls here are the most famous and always crowded with diners. Fried food on Nha Chung street is very diverse with dishes such as beef balls, fish balls, tofu.. There are also countless attractive snacks such as tattoo, mixed rice paper, salt and pepper toast, fruit. shake. Some restaurants that tourists can refer to enjoy when coming here such as Ms. Hang 3A Nha Chung snack, Kun Kun restaurant at 9 Nha Chung or Nha Chung snack shop at 13A Nha Chung street.

Nha Chung area is the paradise of fried foods and snacks. Photo: @anratngon

The snacks here are very attractive and eye-catching. Photo: @bachuaviahe

In addition to the delicious restaurants and delicious dishes suggested above, when exploring the cuisine of Nha Chung area, you can also enjoy countless other delicious dishes such as spicy noodles, Nam Vang noodle soup, grilled pork vermicelli, beef noodle soup with stone bowl, Quang noodles, snakehead fish noodles…

Beef noodle soup in Nha Chung area is also very attractive. Photo: @anratngon.

Visitors to Nha Chung area can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes. Photo:@sueao1992

The cuisine of Nha Chung Da Lat always makes diners admire by the variety and there is no shortage of delicious restaurants. If you don’t know what to eat in Dalat, try coming to Nha Chung area, you will be able to “satisfy your hungry stomach” with all the delicious restaurants and delicious dishes here.  

Photo: Internet 

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