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Bonsai ‘hugging the old house’ is unique and strange, attracting customers

The market for the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit is heating up day by day, the strange and unique style of bonsai kumquat trees “hugging the old house” with the old style are very attractive despite the high price.

Bonsai ‘hugging the old house’ is unique and strange, attracting customers

With about half a month left until the Lunar New Year, kumquat gardeners in Tu Lien village (Tay Ho district, Hanoi) are busy taking care of, watering, and pruning to prepare the final stages before sending them to the market. trees to the market.

To serve the diverse needs of customers, this year, kumquat growers in Tu Lien have released beautiful, unique and attractive bonsai works.

At this time, the bosai kumquat trees have turned yellow and are ready to serve all customers’ needs.

Many bonsai works “hugging the old house” have a unique and eye-catching old style.

The miniatures are also elaborately decorated.

Many unique bonsai kumquat works attract people to admire and buy early Tet.

To get these impressive bonsai works, gardeners have to spend a lot of time taking care and creating meticulous works.

The works of bonsai kumquats paired with driftwood, kumquats, and kumquats grown on old house models… are quite diverse in size from mini to large lines for the hall….

Various designs and models to meet all needs of customers.

Garden owners take care of their unique gardens.

At this time, the quantity of kumquats is ordered by customers early and with favorable weather, gardeners in Tu Lien hope that the market for kumquats during Tet this year will be vibrant and bountiful.

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