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Love life more after a 22-day trip through Vietnam

Pham Trang describes the 22-day trip across Vietnam as “more than a journey”, making her feel more in love with life.

“More than a journey” is what Pham Trang, born in 1999, said about the trip across Vietnam after graduating from university. She and her two friends, Le Giang, the same age, and Truong Dinh Minh, born in 1997 on two motorbikes, roamed around Vietnam from February 28 to March 20, spending a meaningful youth together. . The 23-year-old girl’s beautiful photos and sharing of her trans-Vietnamese experiences have inspired and collected 21,000 likes on social networks.

Love life more after a 22-day trip through Vietnam
Pham Trang checked in on Hien Luong Bridge during his trip across Vietnam in March.

Trang dreams of traveling through Vietnam since she was a freshman after her trip to Ta Xua in 2017. The new student wants to go to all of Vietnam, waiting for the moment to finish university to make a trip. the trip through Vietnam as a souvenir. She worked part-time and saved money for 4 years to make the trip.

“Many people tell me that only my family can go like this, but my family is completely normal, I try to save for the trip so I don’t ask my parents or borrow anyone,” Trang said. Trang estimated 20 million VND and actually spent 16 million VND, including gas, clothes before the trip, meals, places to visit, homestay, motels, plane tickets and train tickets to send motorbikes home. .

In order to have a smooth trip, first, you need to have a “suitable” companion and understand each other. Trang said that the three people’s personalities are similar: comfortable, not fussy, not demanding about eating or sleeping, easy-going and talking appropriately. Trang herself considers herself to be the most hot-tempered person, during the trip she sometimes talks too much to everyone but is sympathetic, not taken for granted. Therefore, the trip continuously for 22 days is not contradictory. They always respect each other’s personal opinions.

Before the trip, Trang prepared a lot of things. The most difficult thing is the costumes and accessories to serve beautiful photography while still being compact and easy to move. The solution is to choose clothes that are easy to coordinate and can be reused with many different sets. Regarding health, Trang limited contact with strangers before the trip because she did not have Covid-19. The last thing is to consult the family. Fortunately, Trang’s parents were open and did not object, just reminding her to walk carefully.

Trang’s set of photos on Phu Quy island is loved by many people because of its clear colors like Korean movies.

The moment that started from Hanoi, Trang was excited and looking forward, happy to remember. “The feeling that I have arranged all the work, just hit the road, is great,” Trang expressed. Going through 3 regions of the country, the girl feels her own beauty, especially in Buddhist culture. The difference that she feels the most is the food of each region. However, Trang also noted to bring medicine outside so that the dining room is not suitable. The food that Trang likes the most is the cuisine of the Central region, spicy and sweet, while her friends like the food of the Southwest region.

Trang feels lucky that the journey was smooth despite some problems. In Phan Rang – Thap Cham ( Ninh Thuan ), her group, unfortunately, booked a room at an accommodation with different prices. Before that, the team booked on the app and carefully contacted to agree that the room was rented for 3 people. However, upon arrival, the property said that at such a price, only a room for 2 people can be rented. In addition, the group once had a punctured car tattoo when they arrived in Vinh city ( Nghe An ) and once dropped the car on the road down to Ca Mau cape .

The destination that Trang is most impressed with is the South Central Coast sea route, especially the Ninh Thuan – Binh Thuan road. “Really very beautiful. The winding road with one side is the blue sea and the other is the mountain, extremely majestic”, Trang described. The place that Trang likes the most is Phu Quy island . The girl had seen many photos and descriptions of this place on the Internet and broke down when she saw it with her own eyes. A set of photos taken on Phu Quy island with the name “A stopover for wanderers” was then uploaded by Trang to travel-loving groups, earning nearly 5,000 likes.

Trang advises that March is the right time to travel through Vietnam because the North is in a cool, not too cold period and the Central region has not yet entered the peak heatwave. The South is in the last months of the dry season. During 22 days of exploring, the group never once had to wear a raincoat due to the dry, sunny weather. Trang herself estimated the group had covered about 4,000 km.

The trip helped the 23-year-old girl have a different perspective on life. Along the way, Trang encountered many difficult lives. Like in Ca Mau Cape, Trang chats with a lottery ticket seller. The man shared that he went to invite people to buy all day, but a lottery ticket only earned a few hundred dongs. “If I’m tired and bored with life later, I’ll think about the things I’ve met along the way to know that my life is better than a lot of people out there. I’m fine and I have to cherish it,” Trang said.

That’s also why she describes the trip as “more than a journey” because she feels more in love with life. In addition, Trang is also happy to see many beautiful spots in her homeland. “Vietnam is so beautiful, really beautiful,” Trang exclaimed.

In the future, Pham Trang plans to explore the rest of Vietnam, the Central Highlands.

Pham Trang’s 22-day itinerary across Vietnam: Day 1: Hanoi – Vinh City (Nghe An)
Day 2: Vinh (Nghe An) – Ha Tinh – Dong Hoi City (Quang Binh)
Day 3: Quang Binh – Hue
Day 4; Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An
Day 5: Hoi An – Quy Nhon City (Binh Dinh)
Day 6: Quy Nhon – Tuy Hoa City (Phu Yen)
Day 7: Tuy Hoa – Phan Rang Thap Cham (Ninh Thuan)
Day 8: Phan Rang – Vinh Hy – Ca Na (Ninh Thuan)
Day 9; Ca Na – Bau Trang – Mui Ne – Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan)
Day 10: Phan Thiet – Phu Quy (Binh Thuan)
Day 11: Phu Quy (Binh Thuan)
Day 12: Phu Quy – Phan Thiet – La Gi (Binh Thuan) )
Day 13: Binh Thuan – Vung Tau City (Ba Ria – Vung Tau)
Day 14: Vung Tau – Ho Chi Minh City
Day 15: Ho Chi Minh City – Ben Tre – Tra Vinh – Soc Trang
Day 16 : Soc Trang – Bac Lieu – Ca Mau Cape
Day 17: Ca Mau Cape – Nga Nam Town (Soc Trang)
Day 18: Soc Trang – Long Xuyen
Day 19 : Long Xuyen City – Tri Ton – Tinh Bien – Chau Doc (An Giang)
Day 20 : An Giang – Ho Chi Minh City
Day 21: Ho Chi Minh City
Day 22: Ho Chi Minh City – Hanoi

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