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4,000 km trip through Vietnam after graduating from university

Trang Pham (born in 1999) has just returned to Hanoi after 22 days of traveling through Vietnam. The trip is a memorable and worthwhile journey for the young girl when she realized her 18-year-old dream.

After the trip, Trang still vividly remembers her first experience in a new land. The young woman said that the past 22 days have been the motivation for her to try to make many new journeys, to explore Vietnam and the world in the future.

Do more jobs, save money to travel across Vietnam

Passionate about traveling and exploring all parts of the country, after graduating from high school, Trang Pham cherished the intention of traveling across Vietnam. That decision was even more certain when Trang was admitted to the hotel service management major at a university in the capital, had the opportunity to go to more places from Ha Giang, Moc Chau (Son La) to Da Lat (Lam Dong). ), HCMC…

Since her freshman year of university, Trang has worked many part-time jobs, partly to help her family, pay for her studies, and the rest to go for a trip after graduation.

“My first job was as an employee at a clothing store. After that, I practiced business and began to try my hand at photography at a Hanoi studio,” Trang said. These jobs are not only an opportunity for her to earn money, but also help improve her time management skills and live independently.

Before the Lunar New Year, a friend asked Trang to go through Vietnam. Having just finished the study program, having a lot of free time and having collected enough expenses, Trang agreed immediately.

Saying and doing, 3 friends meet at a coffee shop to make plans. The group agreed to choose a vehicle as a motorbike, with an estimated cost of about 20 million VND. The girls make a list of favorite destinations and then connect and rearrange them into an itinerary for the most convenient way to travel.

Trang said that to be flexible in the itinerary, the group only planned a specific schedule for the first 7 days in advance. The remaining locations will be discussed in more detail during the trip.

“Today, many young people share their travel experiences on social networks, so before going anywhere, wanting to eat something, we just need to search for articles. Luckily, I didn’t come across any ‘bad’ places. ‘ all”, Trang easily searches for suitable accommodation and eating places.

A journey of nearly 4,000 km

Joy and excitement are the permanent emotions during the trip of this girl born in 1999. Happy because they are fulfilling their dreams, excited and looking forward to conquering new lands, discovering local cultures that are far from where they live.

The experience of driving a motorbike for hundreds of kilometers a day is far from a short trip or a resort trip. Trang still feels lucky because there were no unexpected incidents even though she was quite tired at times and suddenly fell asleep.

“I’m glad that the weather ‘supports’ this trip. The destinations I visit are all beautiful and sunny,” Trang shared.

The girl is most impressed when going through the South Central Coast because of its wild beauty, clear blue sea and long, romantic sandy beaches.

During the trip, Trang stayed in Binh Thuan the longest and spent a lot of time exploring Phu Quy – an island about 120 km from the mainland. Trang knew the island district through a Vietnamese movie and dreamed of coming here.

“Phu Quy does not disappoint me from the natural scenery, food and drink to people. The people of the fishing village do tourism and treat guests very enthusiastically,” Trang said about her first impression here.

To go to the island, visitors can only take a boat from Phan Thiet port. Trang chooses a high-speed train with the price of 350,000-400,000 VND/ticket, traveling in 2.5 hours. Because the island is far from the shore, the girl advises tourists to find out the weather carefully before the trip to avoid rough sea days. Because she had no experience, Trang herself experienced a feeling of seasickness when she left the island at the right time of “big waves”.

Female tourists visit and check in many places on the island such as slopes, sovereign flagpole, Ganh Hang, Linh Son pagoda, Lang Co embankment, wind power fields, Trieu Duong bay…

After 3 days and 2 nights on the island, Trang returned to the mainland and continued her journey by car to the South Pole. Summarizing the journey, the group of friends spent about 15 million VND, passing through 24 provinces along the coastal road such as Hue, Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, and Binh Thuan, Ba Ria – Vung Tau…

After exploring the West River, the group returned to Ho Chi Minh City to send motorbikes and returned to Hanoi by plane.

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