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This vegetable was once no one ate, now it’s a specialty with a price of 40,000 VND/kg

This vegetable the past was not noticed, even though they were rolling in the garden, but now it is a specialty, and the price is up to 40,000 VND / kg.

Cabbage sprouts are vegetables that no one ate before, but now are praised by many people and are sought after, the price is 2 times higher than cabbage.

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This type of sprout grows on harvested cabbage stumps. After only 1 week of harvesting the cabbage, the new sprouts will be harvested and sold to the market. Accordingly, cabbage sprouts usually grow naturally, no one takes care of them, so there will be no pesticides.

Because it is advertised as a clean vegetable, this vegetable is sold for up to 40,000 VND/kg, still chosen by many families. “Eat like cabbage, it’s a little sweeter but it’s a clean vegetable, I still spend money to buy it at a high price,” said Ms. Hoang Hanh (Dong Da, Hanoi).

She said that this kind of sprout was only sold this year, so she was curious to buy and enjoy it. Every year, I don’t see this vegetable for sale.

Cabbage sprouts grow at the base of the harvested cabbage.

Also ordered 2kg of cabbage sprouts for 75,000 VND to try, Ms. Thanh (Cau Giay, Hanoi) said that it is cabbage sprouts that should be eaten as well as regular cabbage. “The seller advertised that this vegetable was delicious, crispy, and strange, and it was true that after picking it up and selling it, the vegetables weren’t wilted, so they were delicious,” she said.

Talking about this vegetable, Quynh – a vegetable seller in Dong Da (Hanoi), said that this year, cabbage sprouts have just popped up. “I have been selling vegetables for several years now, this is the first year that cabbage sprouts have been sold. Although the selling price is quite higher than other common vegetables, it is a clean vegetable, so the purchasing power is also slightly better, “she shared.

Currently, she is selling for 75,000 VND/2kg, if buying combo 3kg will cost 99,000 VND. If retailing 1kg, the selling price is up to 40,000 VND. This price does not include shipping. Her customers usually buy in combos for cheap.

The retail price of this sprout is at 40,000 VND/kg.

Ms. Nguyen Tam – a cabbage grower in Lam Dong, said she also found it quite strange because this year, traders suddenly bought cabbage sprouts. “My family has been growing cabbage for several years now, every time the cabbage is harvested, the root of the plant will sprout. But every year these sprouts of cabbage no one cares, let them grow like that, no one watered or fertilized. At the end of the season, I will dig the soil and fill it up.

But this year, I just saw someone looking to buy and eat. Seeing that, I also picked it up and tasted it and found it delicious, sweet and strange. Because it is a sprout, it is very young,” she said.

Cabbage sprouts are completely clean and natural. Because this vegetable is not taken care of, let them grow and harvest after 1 week when the main cabbage is harvested. People can use it to stir-fry, boil or eat hot pot. The way to eat will be like regular cabbage.

Currently, she said that her garden does not have cabbage sprouts, it will take about 1-2 weeks for her to harvest the next batch of cabbage. She went to buy cabbage sprouts from some gardeners in the area to sell.

“This vegetable is quite small in quantity and not always available. When there is, I will notify the clues to come to get it for sale. However, the number of each time is not much,” she shared.

Compared to the price of cabbage vegetables, cabbage sprouts cost twice as much. In Hanoi markets, cabbage is being sold for 17,000 – 20,000 VND/kg, while sprouts are sold at 33,000 – 40,000 VND/kg.

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