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Earn tens of thousands of dollars a year thanks to abalone mushrooms, golden breast milk

BINH PHUOC – Many farmers in the Dong Phu district earn hundreds of millions of dollars a year by introducing new crops to trial planting.

Over the past time, the price of some agricultural products has been volatile, the family of Mrs. Do Thi Mai, Tan Phuoc commune has actively switched to growing abalone mushrooms to improve their income.

Before that, Mrs. Mai specialized in purchasing agricultural products. Due to poor business performance, old age, and health, her family could not make full use of the warehouse to grow abalone mushrooms. After a few years, the mushroom garden of Mrs. Mai’s family has always been maintained with more than 16,000 mushroom embryos. Thanks to proper care, her family harvests about 80 kg of commercial mushrooms every day. With the current price of traders buying at the garden, about 45,000 VND (2$) per kg, her family earns more than 120 million VND per year.

Earn tens of thousands of dollars a year thanks to abalone mushrooms, golden breast milk
Growing mushrooms not only brings a stable income to Mrs. Do Thi Mai’s family but also contributes to creating stable jobs for local workers. Photo: Binh Phuoc Newspaper

According to Ms. Mai, the advantage of abalone mushrooms is that it is easy to grow, have a fast harvest time, last all year round and can be adjusted depending on the needs of the market. “Growing abalone mushrooms is not difficult and can be grown all year round. However, it requires growers to have experience, master techniques and monitor regularly to take timely measures,” Ms. Mai said.

One of the important requirements is that the mushroom house must have the right temperature, ventilation, and appropriate light. The care process is only misting with clean water. When a fungus is detected with green mold disease, it is necessary to quickly remove the infected embryo to avoid spreading. Therefore, after each mushroom harvest, growers need to disinfect and wash the ground to ensure safety for the next production.

Not only providing a stable income for the family, mushroom embryos after harvest can also be used as fertilizer. With 7 hectares of fields growing pepper, durian and fruit trees, thanks to mushroom embryos, Mai’s family saves about 50 million VND in fertilizer each year, while the efficiency is not inferior to cow manure or chemical fertilizer. The model of growing abalone mushrooms is considered successful, but due to the limited market, it is difficult to expand the scale. Therefore, for those who want to switch to the abalone mushroom model, the market assessment is important.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Van Ga is known as the first person to bring golden breast milk to Dong Bia hamlet, Tan Loi commune, Dong Phu district. Mr. Ga said that in the past, his family planted cashew and fruit trees of all kinds. In order to promote the efficiency of plants on the same area of ​​land, in 2019, the family intercropped golden milkweed in the orchard. Although the model is still new, the initial model has shown positive results, especially since this type of tree is suitable for disadvantaged households with little land to produce because the tree is quick to harvest and has high economic value.

Mr. Nguyen Van Ga is next to the family’s golden milkweed garden. Photo: Binh Phuoc Newspaper

According to Mr. Ga, golden breast milk is an easy-to-grow, low-care plant that bears fruit all year round, has a high and stable selling price, and is especially suitable for a variety of soils. Although only planted for about 3 years, this new crop has shown advantages in economic value compared to many other local crops.

According to the gardener, this variety also has the advantage of being a dwarf tree, wide canopy, less pests and less care, easy for gardeners to pack fruit to produce in the direction of clean agriculture. Plants planted after 18 months will bear fruit. When small, the fruit is green, when ripe, it has an eye-catching golden color. Golden breast milk has the same taste as Vietnamese breast milk but is more delicate, with thick flesh, few seeds, and small and very little latex. From fruit set to ripe about 30 days, weight from 2-3 fruits per kg.

Currently, the golden dairy garden of Mr. Ga’s family has been collected. Some standard varieties are well cared for, yielding about 40kg of fruit each year. With the selling price ranging from 50,000-80,000 VND (2-3$) per kg, his family has a significant income every year. However, what Mr. Ga is concerned about is that it is very difficult to select a good source of good, standard golden breast milk.

 (Photo: Binh Phuoc Newspaper )

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