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The most beautiful places to take pictures of Ao Dai to welcome Tet for sisters

Immediately save the beautiful places to take photos of the beautiful Ao Dai to welcome the New Year in Hanoi and Saigon to get ready to take beautiful photos to celebrate the new year. 

The best places to take pictures of Ao Dai to welcome Tet in Hanoi and Saigon 
1. Hanoi

1.1 Nhat Tan Peach Garden 

Nhat Tan Peach Garden is one of the best places to take pictures of ao dai to welcome the New Year in Hanoi. This is the “peach blossom capital” with large gardens, planting countless different varieties of peaches. Every degree near Tet, the peach orchards here are crowded with tourists and peach buyers coming to visit and take pictures.

The most beautiful places to take pictures of Ao Dai to welcome Tet for sisters
Nhat Tan Peach Garden is a suitable place to take pictures of Ao Dai. Photo: @hahinmakeup86

In Nhat Tan flower village, people grow a variety of peach flowers such as world peaches, branch peaches, faded peaches, ancient peaches, etc. with all kinds of pink colors from dark to light. In the 12th lunar month, the peach gardens are full of pink, creating a romantic and sweet space for visitors to admire flowers and take pictures with ao dai.

Peach blossom lovers can come here to take pictures with charming Ao Dai. Photo: @ thienhathuy__

Currently, garden houses are also open to create favorable conditions for visitors to take pictures in the new year. The cost will vary depending on the gardener. In addition, a number of Tet photography services are also linked with gardeners to make it more convenient for visitors to choose a location and rent a photo shoot. 

1.2 Quang Ba Flower Market 

One of the most beautiful places to take pictures of ao dai to welcome the New Year in Hanoi is Quang Ba flower market. This is the capital’s large fresh flower wholesale market, located along Nghi Tam dike, Tay Ho district. The market is bustling all year round, and the Tet season becomes even more crowded because buyers, sellers, and guests come to take pictures.

Quang Ba Flower Market is a famous wholesale flower market in Hanoi. Photo: @yangphoto398

Quang Ba flower market wholesales and retails hundreds of imported and domestic flowers with colorful colors. In the spring, the market will have more pink peach blossoms, pots of kumquats, lilies, etc., with a strong Tet atmosphere. In addition, flower stalls selling all kinds of roses, chrysanthemums, baby, dahlia, auspicious, … also create a beautiful background for you to wear ao dai and take pictures. 

Quang Ba flower market has countless beautiful check-in corners for visitors to take pictures. Photo: @lypham2909

As a wholesale flower market, this market operates through the night and during the day. However, to take good photos, you should go to the market in the morning for better sunlight. Because the Tet flower market is usually very crowded, visitors need to cleverly choose a suitable location when taking photos in the market. In addition, you should buy flowers and ask permission from the flower stall owner before taking pictures to avoid trouble. 

1.3 Hang Ma Street 

If you want to take pictures to welcome Tet , come to Hang Ma Street – a famous street of Hanoi. This is the check-in point of many young people in the capital and both domestic and foreign tourists. Every year, on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and Lunar New Year, Hang Ma Street becomes more brilliant with the red color of lanterns and decorations. 

Coming to Hang Ma Street, you will have the opportunity to live virtual with brightly decorated stalls. Photo: @supy.pham1704

In the last months of the year, the whole long street becomes more prominent with many beautiful and attractive Tet decorations. Coming to the street, you can wear ao dai, combine accessories such as a bouquet of peach blossoms, daisies, etc. to blend in with the ancient atmosphere of Hang Ma Street. Also, remember to ask permission from the shop owners before taking photos. 

In Hang Ma Street, you just need to stand in to have a beautiful photo. Photo: @buiphuonglam

1.4 New Hanoi Newspaper Editorial Office 

If you want to find a place to take photos of ao dai to welcome Tet, come to the Hanoi Moi newsroom. This is a virtual living spot that tourists love when coming to the capital. Especially at the end of the year, young people dress up to come here to save beautiful memories for themselves. 

In Hanoi, the new Hanoi Newspaper editorial office is a photo shoot with ao dai chosen by many young people. Photo: @nofoodphobia

Hanoi Moi Newspaper’s editorial office impresses with its old and nostalgic beauty. The building has a yellow wall and green doorway as a background. In front of the building there is a glass cabinet to display the new newspapers of the newspaper. As simple as that, this place has become a favorite check-in corner of tourists. 

Depending on your preferences, you choose a beautiful angle to take pictures to check in at the New Hanoi Newspaper Office. Photo: @su.phi.520

The beauty of the newspaper has an old, rustic and warm color. This place is suitable for you to take pictures with ao dai or any other gentle and gentle outfit. For a perfect set of photos, you can add some accessories such as flower branches, conical hats, a newspaper, etc. to create a general harmony with the scene. 

2. Saigon 

2.1 Ben Thanh Market

If you need to find a place to take pictures of Ao Dai to welcome Tet in Saigon, come to Ben Thanh market. This is the city’s famous market, suitable for checking in with any outfit. However, if you want to be “Miss Saigon”, wear ao dai to come to this old market and save beautiful photos. 


In Saigon, you can go to Ben Thanh market to take pictures of Tet ao dai. Photo: @lune_huynh

Ben Thanh Market is built in the form of European architecture of cage houses with 4 gates East, West, South and North. Although it has undergone many renovations, the market still retains the soul of the ancient nostalgic culture. Therefore, you can come here to take pictures of Ao Dai, save many precious youth moments. 

There are 4 doors here for visitors to take pictures. Photo: @crazytid

According to many visitors, the South Gate right in front of the Ben Thanh market roundabout is the most suitable for taking pictures. However, this is also an area with a lot of traffic. Therefore, you should be careful when posing for photos, and at the same time avoid affecting traffic on the road. 

2.2 Museum of Fine Arts

beautiful photography spot that tourists love recently is the Fine Arts Museum. This is a place with bold European beauty, suitable for long dress photography, wedding photography and travel photos. This museum is located right in District 1 and also quite close to Ben Thanh market, very convenient for visitors to explore. 

Fine Arts Museum has a large space, ancient beauty. Photo: @futoleii

The Museum of Fine Arts  is a private museum built by Chinese-born businessman Hua Bon Hoa. The project is a harmonious combination of European and Asian architecture with a total of 3 buildings. Each building displays works of art, artifacts, ancient and modern.

Both the interior and exterior of the museum are beautiful for visitors to take pictures with ao dai. Photo: @cheri.nhlinh

Today, this museum has impressive beauty with spiral stairs, with colorful doorways, and wide corridors with lots of light. The interior area displays a lot of beautiful works that are also suitable for visitors to wear Ao Dai to take pictures and save extremely impressive moments. 

2.3 Thien Hau Ba Temple

One more place to take photos of the beautiful Ao Dai to welcome the New Year that you can’t miss is Ba Thien Hau Temple in District 5. This is a Chinese architectural temple with impressive beauty, ancient and sacred space. This is a spiritual destination that many domestic and foreign tourists often visit. 

Ba Thien Hau Pagoda is imbued with Chinese architecture in District 5, suitable for taking pictures of Ao Dai to welcome Tet. Photo: @meou2011vn

Visiting Ba Thien Hau Pagoda , you will admire a unique three-door architectural space with the main entrance, the two sides have corridors leading the way. The pagoda designed a large yard space to receive light, wind and smoke better. Everywhere there is a faint scent of incense. 

This is a beautiful angle that many tourists choose to take photos when coming to the temple. Photo: @mtephguillen

As a spiritual destination, this temple is suitable for visitors to pray and pray for peace. Especially, this place is suitable for you to wear ao dai and conical hats. Throughout the temple grounds, there are many beautiful corners for visitors to take photos. When taking photos here, you should maintain order, avoid speaking loudly and affecting the place of practice. 

2.4 Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Chieu

In Saigon, there is a beautiful place to take photos of Ao Dai, which is Ong Ba Chieu Mausoleum – an ancient temple located at 1 Vu Tung Street, Binh Thanh District. This is the place to worship the left army Le Van Duyet. To avoid offending, people call this Tomb Ong. And the location of the temple is near Ba Chieu market, so the name Mr and Mrs Chieu mausoleum was born. 

The Tomb of Ong Ba Chieu is a place where you can take pictures of the Ao Dai to welcome Tet. Photo: @thaithanhsang

The Tomb of Ong Ba Chieu is a famous spiritual destination in Saigon thanks to its large space, shady trees and especially the imprint of ancient royal architecture shown in each room, every detail carved on the floor. beautiful wall panels. In particular, the prominent red shop makes the interior space more beautiful and ancient than ever. 

Many young men and women choose this place to take photos of ao dai. Photo: @kathy0.1.0.3

Every spring, this place attracts many tourists to visit as well as take pictures with ao dai. The peaceful and cool space as well as the beauty of contemplation and tranquility creates many beautiful corners for visitors to take pictures. Just like when going to the temple, you need to dress politely and keep order here.

2.5 Ho Thi Ky Flower Market 

If Hanoi has the Quang Ba flower market, Saigon has the famous Ho Thi Ky flower market which is a beautiful wholesale flower market. This is the place where many women choose to take pictures with Ao Dai on Tet. The closer to Tet, the more bustling the flower market is with buyers and sellers, tourists and busy photographers. 

This famous flower market is the place where many women choose to take pictures of ao dai in the Tet season. Photo: @buidinhchuong

As the largest fresh flower market in the city, when you step into the market, you will see flowers everywhere. The stores are close together, placing large boxes of fresh flowers in front of the door with all colors of red, yellow, orange, pink, white, purple, … enchantingly beautiful. Nearly any corner of the market is beautiful for you to stand in and take pictures of.

Here, every corner brings beautiful photos for visitors. Photo:

Coming to Ho Thi Ky flower market, you have to cleverly choose your clothes and make your hair stand out, to avoid being “drunk” by the scent of the flowers here. Visitors can choose to buy flowers in a certain row and ask for permission to stand in and take pictures, to avoid taking pictures without affecting the trading activities of small business people.

You can choose your favorite clothes to take photos at the flower market, not necessarily ao dai. Photo: @phuonganhph

Above are the places to take photos of beautiful Ao Dai to welcome Tet in two big cities, Hanoi and Saigon. If you intend to take photos to celebrate the new spring, prepare a beautiful ao dai and a conscientious worker and then choose the best location to take photos. Each place has a different beauty and color, but it will surely bring you many beautiful pictures.

Photo: Instagram 

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