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Red peach blossoms bloom on the field of Nhat Tan

Nhat Tan and Phu Thuong peach fields (Tay Ho, Hanoi) begin to bloom beautifully, the whole peach area turns bright red waiting for the New Year.

Red peach blossoms in Nhat Tan field

Two weeks ago, the first trees began to bloom, dotted with red, signaling the start of the Tan Suu peach season. At present, peaches begin to bloom, brilliant red color covers the coastal strip of the Red River.

People playing peaches began to pour in, go to the garden, to choose the peach tree at the base, marking the date of bringing.

This year, the weather is favorable, promising a beautiful and profitable peach season for Nhat Tan and Phu Thuong peach growers.

This year, setting up early spring, according to experience, peaches will bloom beautifully.

Nhat Tan peach growers are less and less, they said that this job only makes ends meet, not getting rich.

The current price ranges from a few tens to seven hundred thousand dong per branch in the garden. After that, many peach branches were transferred to all kinds of means of transportation throughout the country.

Peaches are mixed with flowers to create a very beautiful landscape that attracts people to admire.

Many gardens only grow small peaches, specialized to place on the altar on Tet holiday, or serve the needs of playing flowers on the full moon of December, the day of Mr. Tao or playing on the water table …

Nowadays, Nhat Tan’s peach growing techniques have developed diversely, they can adjust the peach tree to bloom on the right occasion even when the weather is not favorable. If the weather is warm and windy at night, peaches will bloom very quickly. But if it is cold for a long time and lack of sunlight, many peach growers still have to stay warm day and night, warm the trees to bloom properly, in time to sell before Tet.

Most peach growers in Nhat Tan have many generations of roots, passed down by grandparents, parents and considered it as a family’s traditional profession. 

In the past, Nhat Tan planted peaches in the field, which was the area of ​​Lac Long Quan road inside the dike, until they lost their land, they returned to plant a lot of peach trees today is the area outside the dyke of the Red River.

This land along the Red River used to grow mulberries to raise silkworms, then grow vegetables, and then turn to planting peaches.

A peach garden is blooming bright red in the Phu Thuong peach growing area.

Due to the rapid development of the city, the roads and houses sprouting, the land for peaches is shrinking, and growers have to rent land in many neighboring areas to expand their peach growing profession.

Peach cultivation is busy and busy, for 365 days a year, many households only get off on the first day of Tet. On the second day of the second day, they started to visit the garden.

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