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New Year peach trees for rent only

HANOI – New Year peach trees are 4 m high, with a special shape, and are advertised for rent by the tree owner to more than one hundred million dongs.

Near the Lunar New Year, the sidewalk of Lac Long Quan Street, Tay Ho District, becomes a gathering place for digging from garden owners in Nhat Tan and many other provinces. Peach trees are listed for rent from 5 to nearly 200 million VND, depending on age, tree position, type of peach…

The peach tree “long like a stone”, which is the original forest peach, is paired with Nhat Tan peach. The body is supported by a large stone to avoid falling, increasing aesthetics. The owner of the tree Chu Minh Cong said that this is a tree of passion, so it only costs 100 million VND to rent.

Peachtree placed on a small landscape pot, rented for 120 million VND. The tree is 4 m high, has bloomed, so the owner has to hire someone to pick flowers and wait for the next bloom.

The upright peach tree, more than 30 years old, belongs to one of the oldest peach trees in Nhat Tan peach village, is rented for 120 million VND. Mr. Nghia, the owner of the tree, said that in Hanoi, peach trees costing over a hundred million are not much.

“Garden owners often spend a lot of time taking care of these peach trees to turn them into symbols,” Nghia said.

On Vo Chi Cong Street, facing Noi Bai airport, peach trees brought down from Moc Chau (Son La) are also rented for hundreds of millions of dong.

The peach tree is 3.7 m high, the root is a forest peach about 50 years old, is listed for rent at 160 million VND. Mr. The Anh, the owner of the tree, said the selling price was about 250 million VND. Very few people dare to buy, because money is one thing, it is important to know how to take care.

Old peach tree, trunk covered with moss. After Tet, these trees are transported back to Moc Chau to facilitate care.

Peach blossoms fade slightly pink compared to the crimson color of Nhat Tan peaches, each flower has 36 petals.

The hundred million peach trees are mainly rented by large enterprises to display in the lobby. According to many gardeners, due to the impact of Covid-19, the number of people buying and renting peaches decreased, and the price also decreased by about 20% compared to every year.

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