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Brand new places in Vung Tau live virtual beautiful

Let’s “change the wind” with brand new places in Vung Tau with beautiful scenery like a paradise, ideal for check-in virtual living with beautiful shimmering pictures. Let’s explore together!

Brand new places in Vung Tau 

Vung Tau tourism is famous for its beautiful shimmering virtual paradises, if you are too familiar with Marina wharf, Da Xanh lake, sheep fields … then let’s “change the wind” with brand new places in Vung Tau. Train below to check-in! 

1. Lens Studio  

– Address: 2 Pham Ngoc Thach, Ward 9, Vung Tau City

Lens Studio is a brand new location in Vung Tau opened in 2022, combining a studio and an old Japanese-style cafe. This place is known as “miniature Japanese town” in Japan. Any angle at Lens Studio is ideal to check-in beautiful photos like being in cherry blossom country. Coming to Lens Studio, you can also enjoy super delicious drinks.

Brand new places in Vung Tau live virtual beautiful
Lens Studio is designed like a miniature Japan in Vung Tau. Photo: TOKYOMETRO  

Beautiful virtual life at Lens Studio. Photo: TOKYOMETRO  

2. The Chill Garden  

– Address: 83/ 11A Binh Gia, Ward 8, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

The Chill Garden is one of the brand new places in Vung Tau that is loved by young people today. This is a famous restaurant and cafe with a poetic and very chill garden for virtual living. The highlight of The Chill Garden is the wooden car in the garden, along with a spacious and airy space ideal for dining and dating. 

The Chill Garden has a peaceful natural setting

Enjoy delicious meals at The Chill Garden. Photo: Ngoc Boi Vo 

3. Binh An Village

– Address: Located at 1 Tran Phu in front beach area of ​​Vung Tau

Binh An Village is a new tourist destination in Vung Tau, about 120km from the center of Saigon. This place is designed as a resort with new villas with romantic space right next to the beach. This village has a unique architecture, that is, the bedrooms are designed close to nature from materials such as: Tile, wooden wall, raw brick… Binh An village is known as “Da Lat in the heart of the city.” seaside town”. Coming to Binh An village, visitors will have a cool bath in a freshwater lake, admire the beautiful scenery and live virtual with beautiful bougainvillea. 

Binh An Village is designed with a close and cozy space

Rest in Binh An Village Vung Tau

4. Long Hai clean vegetable garden

The next beautiful new place in Vung Tau that you can refer to is the Long Hai clean vegetable garden. From the city center. Vung Tau with Long Hai clean vegetable garden is about 12km and 100km from Saigon. What attracts visitors to Long Hai clean vegetable garden is the spacious and airy space, suitable for weekend fun.

Check-in sheep field at Long Hai clean vegetable garden. Photo: halotravel

Long Hai clean vegetable garden is designed according to the model in Europe, which is lush green vegetable beds and sheep barns. Coming to Long Hai clean vegetable garden, you will see each herd of white sheep grazing very cute, ideal for virtual check-in. In addition, when coming to Long Hai clean vegetable garden, you can relax on the blue beach and enjoy fresh seafood dishes.

Long Hai clean vegetable garden attracts tourists in Vung Tau

5. Song Vinh Church  

If you are looking for some little known places in Vung Tau, you must mention Song Vinh Church. The church impresses visitors with its unique European architecture, which is classical pointed arches. Inside the church is built with many large windows with unique Gothic architecture.

Unique European architecture at Song Vinh church. Photo: wiki-travel   

Whether inside or outside the church, there are beautiful virtual living corners. Not only that, but this place is compared to a miniature European corner in Vung Tau . So you should not miss this brand new place in Vung Tau when you have the opportunity to visit the coastal city.

Check-in beautiful virtual living at Song Vinh church. Photo: wiki-travel   

6. Dani Town: Hong Kong on the side of Vung Tau   

– Address: 60 – 62 Trung Trac, Ward 1, City. Vung Tau, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Dani Town is a food street in Vung Tau designed in a unique style to become a destination to attract young people. Coming to Dani Town, you will be able to live virtual beautiful pictures like being in Hong Kong, that is, the image of red lanterns and bright signs. The shops at Dani Town are diverse with authentic Hong Kong cuisine. The shops at Dani Town are designed with Hong Kong style, from shops, milk tea, roast duck shop…

Dani Town: Hong Kong on the side of Vung Tau attracts young people. Photo: @anhyuannee_ 

Beautiful virtual living corner in Dani Town: Hong Kong on the side of Vung Tau. Photo: @phuongthaoo171

7. Upside down house in Vung Tau 

– Address: 66 Co Giang Street, Ward 4, Vung Tau 

The upside down house is a beautiful virtual living place in shimmering beautiful Vung Tau that you should not miss. The house is designed with 3 floors and 7 rooms, attracting young people to visit and take pictures. Each room has many beautiful angles that are guaranteed to be unique, along with a cafe serving drinks. The drink menu at the house is diverse with many delicious and beautifully decorated drinks.

The upside down house in Vung Tau has a unique architecture

Nice check-in at the upside down house in Vung Tau 

‘Pocket’ beautiful virtual living tips in Vung Tau 

To live a beautiful virtual life at the brand new locations in Vung Tau above, you should also “pocket” the tips below!

– For outdoor locations, you should choose early morning or late afternoon to take pictures.

– Choose the best shooting angles for virtual living, can be consulted on facebook, instagram, tiktok… 

– Prepare clothes, dresses and don’t forget a smartphone or a good camera.

The brand new places in the famous beautiful Vung Tau above are the ideal destinations to check-in virtual life and enjoy memorable “relax” moments with relatives and friends after a stressful working week. 

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