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Posting family photos together making Western cut dough soup, the guy makes many people crave the taste of his hometown

Referring to the chopped flour soup, the children of the West all have a craving. And those who have never eaten it, are curious because of the interesting name.

Not only has the charming river scenery, but the West also attracts many people to visit because of its unique cuisine. This land is full of products all year round, Westerners are also very generous and simple, so the dishes have an irresistible attraction. There are even dishes that seem to combine unrelated ingredients, the processing is also strange but gives a very unique flavor, unlike anywhere else. In addition to vermicelli noodles, pancakes, crazy hotpot, etc., famously chopped flour soup served with coconut milk is also on the list of specialties of the West. Especially in Ben Tre province because it grows a lot of coconuts.

Recently, a set of photos capturing the moment when the whole family made chopped dough soup was posted on social networks by Mr. Do Tinh (from Kien Giang) and received many interactions. When looking at the photos, many children who are far from home feel rejoicing and want to re-enjoy the food with the strong flavor of their homeland. Those who have never tried it are extremely curious about the unique name of the dish and the taste of Cake Canh when combined with coconut milk.

Posting family photos together making Western cut dough soup, the guy makes many people crave the taste of his hometown

The set of family photos together making doughnut soup makes many people excited (Photo: Do ​​Tinh)

The owner of the set of photos shared: “Sliced ​​flour soup requires a lot of enthusiasm from the cook. Therefore, when the family does the stages together, enjoying the food together, it helps to bond more emotionally, The food has also become more delicious. In this series of photos, I have both introduced to everyone about the unique dishes of the West, and shared a part of the family atmosphere so that you can feel more love for your parents.” .

Photo: Do ​​Tinh

The special feature of the sliced ​​cake Canh is that the cake Canh is completely handmade and milled from rice grains, not using pre-purchased rice flour. In order to have a standard noodle soup, Westerners often choose dry rice, not too flexible. After the rice is washed, soaked and softened, it will be pureed, then poured into a cloth bag and filtered out the water. Next is to spread the flour on the tray, use boiling water to sprinkle evenly over the dough. Knead quickly so that the dough forms into a ball, with moderate smoothness. Finally, apply the rolled dough to the body of the glass bottle, then use a knife to cut the dough while rotating the bottle so that the powder falls into the pot into strands.

Photo: Do ​​Tinh

Like other dishes, broth is also the “soul” of the chopped flour soup. The broth is made from 100% concentrated coconut milk, squeezed from grated dried coconut, so when eaten, it will have a characteristic fatty taste. In addition, the broth of the chopped cake Canh will usually have a slightly viscous consistency due to the flour secreted from the cake and be seasoned with enough salt and sweetness.

Photo: @candykun107, @tuilathien, @banhcanhbotxatngoaitoi

Depending on the place, the accompanying ingredients of the chopped flour soup will be different. Some places use pork, chicken, shrimp, snakehead fish, but the most special is still Siamese duck meat and sticky sticky blood. Because when cooked to a boil, the yellow fat of the duck floats to the top, accompanied by the aroma of pepper, cilantro, and fried red onion. Enjoying the best cut cake soup is to slowly scoop each tablespoon of cake, dip the duck meat in a bowl of spicy and sour ginger fish sauce, bite into the soft sticky blood and enjoy the rich sweetness from the broth. Make sure no one can resist.

Photo: @tuilathien, @lien.pn1012

Thanks to this guy’s photo series, people now know a delicious dish with a high level of sophistication, which takes a lot of time and effort to process. If you love Western cuisine, don’t forget to add chopped flour soup to your eating guide!

Some addresses to enjoy chopped flour soup in Ho Chi Minh City:

Fat soup cake – 99A Nguyen Thai Binh, Ward 4, Tan Binh District

Bread soup with chopped flour in Cai Lay – 347/5 Minh Phung, Ward 2, District 11

Soup cake – 350 Phan Van Tri, Ward 2, District 5

Miss Ut soup cake – 70A street 475, Phuoc Long B Ward, District 9

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