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Young family roaming Quy Nhon – Phu Yen taking beautiful photos

Truong Manh Huy and his family traveled around the country of Nau to complete the set of photos as a souvenir for their children in the future.

Manh Huy, 34 years old, with his wife Thu Hien and two sons, a 5-year-old and a 10-month-old, flew from Hanoi to Quy Nhon – Phu Yen in early July to take a summer vacation and shoot “no photographer”.

The family chose Quy Nhon – Phu Yen because they have seen many advice articles and love the beauty of this land. “The landscape of this area is beautiful and very suitable for my photo style,” Huy shared.

The trip schedule lasts 12 days, including the first 6 days in Quy Nhon, staying in the city center, traveling by motorbike to tourist attractions such as Eo Gio , Ky Co , Hon Kho , Quy Hoa maple village . After that, the whole family took the train to Phu Yen for the remaining 6 days, also stayed in Tuy Hoa city center and rented a motorbike to the points of Mui Dien lighthouse , Xom Ro embankment , Bai Mon, Bai Xep , etc. Ca Pass… Pictured is Xom Ro embankment in Tuy Hoa.

The family does the shoot in a “no-man” style, meaning it’s all done with a tripod and a timer. Huy plugged in a tripod, chose a layout, connected to the phone, and called his wife and children to pose. Each angle takes about 5 minutes. In order for the children not to be hot and tired, he often takes the whole family to take pictures from 5:30 am. It’s cool, the two kids can sleep in the car, arrive at 6-7am, it’s still very beautiful to take pictures and admire the scenery. Around 8:30-9:00 will drive back to the hotel.

“The trick is to set the timer to set an appointment for 10-20 seconds, let the mode take 5-10 photos continuously, it will be easy to capture the natural moment,” Huy said.

The whole family took pictures at Hon Kho, Quy Nhon. Huy’s photography style and color are praised for his clarity, travel inspiration and happy atmosphere.

However, getting good photos is not easy. “The difficult thing when traveling with young children is having to bring a lot of things, diapers, snacks, toys and the children will be uncomfortable when they have to wear many clothes such as hats, sunscreen, masks. for a long time,” he said. The family must try not to go too long, 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon, so that the children do not disturb and ask to return.

Although it was difficult, he was happy when the whole family agreed. “Sometimes I want to give up because walking too far or it’s too sunny, the whole family is tired. However, the happiest thing is when returning, telling or recalling the beautiful scenery we saw together, or the times we passed together. difficult,” Huy confided. In the photo, the whole family walks together in Nhon Ly fishing village , Quy Nhon.

With photos with natural and pure shades, Huy wants to spread positive energy to everyone, especially about family life. “I want people to feel the peace, sparkle but tenderness of the photos,” Huy said. Pictured is the way down to Ky Co, Quy Nhon.

Another thing that makes the series so impressive is that the photos look very natural. “I only capture natural moments when the whole family plays, but it is impossible for the children to pose,” Huy shared. Pictured is Village Song Minor Seminary, Quy Nhon.

Huy said, this is not the first time the family has gone far together to take pictures. The trip was full of memories, the members experienced all kinds of emotions. In particular, some memorable memories are that it rained for two days, the whole family sat in the hotel watching the rain but it was like sitting on a fire. Or when it was raining when taking pictures, the whole family rushed to cover the rain. Or when climbing in the middle of the mountain, going to the lighthouse, the children are hungry or sad to go to the toilet…

Through the trip, Huy feels that the family is more connected, the children are stronger and happier. “The trip will leave moments that will not be forgotten for a lifetime. Most importantly, this period does not last forever, until the children are older, around middle school or high school, they will have their own world, trips. with the whole family will gradually decrease,” Huy said. “I want to take advantage of this time to be as close to my children as possible.”

“This set of photos will be a gift I give to my whole family in the future. Hopefully, after my boys grow up, the pictures can help them have a more positive view of family,” Huy said. experience.

Pictured is the central beach of Phu Yen, at dusk.


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