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Fishermen hit big with ocean tuna

KHANH HOA – At the beginning of the year, many ships full of tuna docked at Hon Ro port, Nha Trang city, were bought by traders at 149,000 VND per kg, helping fishermen earn hundreds of millions of dong.

On January 15, more than 10 tuna fishing boats docked at Hon Ro fishing port (Nha Trang city) after a month-long offshore fishing trip at sea. On a fishing boat with a capacity of 420 CV of fisherman Duong Teo, 46 ​​years old, both the owner and his partner were busy using pulleys to pull the tuna under the cold compartment.

Mr. Teo has two tuna fishing boats, each with 5 crew members. After a 20-day fishing trip in the Spratly waters, the two ships returned to fill their compartments with fish, collecting more than 5 tons of large fish and 300 kg of small fish. Excluding costs and wages, the shipowner is expected to earn several hundred million dongs in profit.

The cellar contains a lot of ice to preserve fish. Crew members use water jets to melt the ice, then tie a rope to the body of the fish so that the person above can pull it up.

At the port, many workers are present early to wait for fishing boats to come back, which will be rented by owners or traders, mainly in the morning. Dang Phuong Nam (24 years old, black shirt on the left) and two other people teamed up to bring a tuna from the ship to shore and sell it to traders. Mr. Nam’s income depends on the return train. On the day the train came back, he got over 500,000 VND in the morning, but some days it was only a few tens of thousands, sometimes not.

The technical staff of the company purchases scales and checks the quality of tuna meat. On average, each fish weighs 40-50 kg, some weighing over 65 kg.

After checking the quality, color as well as tenderness of the meat, each fish will be classified for packaging and brought to the processing company. Tuna is currently purchased at 149,000 VND/kg, an increase compared to before due to the impact of the epidemic. The highest price is only 115,000 VND/kg.

Each yellowfin tuna is tied to the tail by the buyer, and the weight of the fish is noted. According to traders, the reduction of Covid-19 caused many boats to go out to sea, the export market was active again, especially at the beginning of the year, so the fishing and trading of tuna were more exciting.

Tuna is wholesaled by shipowners to businesses, not retail to traders. Refrigerated trucks gather at the port to marinate fish and transport them to the purchasing company.

Fish is neatly arranged, in layers and using crushed ice to marinate to ensure freshness before shipping. Tuna is often used as a famous sashimi dish.

Mr. Huynh Van Cu (51 years old) sprayed water to clean the boat after selling all the tuna. After 20 days of catching about a ton of tuna, minus expenses, he made a few tens of millions of dong, the income of 5 crew members was over 10 million dongs each.

Besides, another fishing boat is also cleaning and collecting nets after the year-end sailing trip. The owner of this ship will let the crew members celebrate Tet, then start operating again.

Mr. Nguyen Van Ba, Deputy Manager of Hon Ro Fishing Port, said that since the beginning of this month, more than 30 offshore fishing vessels have docked at the port. From now until the end of the month, the number of tuna ships will return, so fishing activities at the port will be active.

Hon Ro fishing port, Phuoc Dong commune, Nha Trang city is one of the largest fishing ports in the South Central region. Every day, there are hundreds of large and small ships coming in and out.

Khanh Hoa province has a developed fishing industry, with a fleet of more than 3,380 fishing boats. Of which, over 750 ships with the largest length of 15 m or more, eligible for offshore fishing, and 300 tuna fishing vessels. Follow (vnexpress)

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