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The anniversary of the death anniversary of those who stayed in the big city

Staying in the city to enjoy the holidays instead of traveling, many people in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City feel relaxed and relaxed.

On the anniversary of the death anniversary, the morning in Hanoi seems to start later than usual. At 9 am, many central streets are still deserted, with little traffic. Many people in the capital compare this morning to Tet days.

Due to the beautiful weather, the sun is not too strong, many people come to the walking street to relax and enjoy the wind. Ms. Nguyen Thanh Hieu from Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh decided to reward herself with a relaxing holiday by going to the old town to have breakfast, and park her car for a walk.

Talking about the reason why she decided to stay in Hanoi instead of traveling, she said: “Having just reopened for tourism, I think Hanoi is not too crowded, I should take advantage of seeing the capital on holidays. The weather is cool, everyone is relaxing, and enjoying, and the atmosphere is not crowded. Because it is the anniversary of my ancestors, I also want to be with my parents. My elderly parents are at home, I want to take them on a trip with them. difficult because the translation is still complicated”.

Doan Duc Hai’s group, a teacher in the Cau Giay district, chose to stay in Hanoi to “rediscover childhood” and “find more inspiration about passing it on to students”.

“We decided not to go far, but on the anniversary of the death of the ancestors, we stayed in Hanoi, went around the Hoan Kiem Lake area. In addition to finding our childhood by drinking coffee, eating pho, eating Trang Tien ice cream… we I also want to see if the Hanoians put on their death anniversary shoes and think about going back to the old town area or going to explore other places. The streets are not crowded, the weather is very nice, walking is very comfortable,” he said.

Many families take their children to the street to walk and buy To He. To it costs 20,000 VND per tree with all shapes and designs such as Spider-Man, dinosaur, Princess Cinderella… coloring a corner of the old town.

Because it coincides with Palm Sunday for Catholics, the area of ​​the Cathedral and Ham Long church is more crowded than usual. The Cathedral is currently in the process of completing a renovation, so it has a strange black appearance, attracting many people to check in.

The cafe is crowded with people sitting until noon. It seems that today no one is in a hurry, everyone is leisurely, living slowly.

Trung Thai, 23, spent the morning of April 10 going to Trieu Viet Vuong coffee street to drink a cup of brown ice, looking at the street. “The weather is nice so everyone looks happy. It’s been a long time since I had a relaxing morning and found Hanoi so peaceful and slow. Staying in Hanoi instead of traveling was the right decision.” Thai shared.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the number of tourists going to celebrate the death anniversary of their ancestors is quite crowded in the city center. Right from 9 am, the shop next to the Central Post Office and Nguyen Van Binh Book Street (District 1) had many young people coming to eat, drink and chat.

Meanwhile, the book street is the main attraction that attracts families with young children, young people as well as foreigners. People are not in a hurry, leisurely choose good books for themselves. On the rows of seats next to the bookstore, it is easy to see the image of young children engrossed in reading stories.

Although under renovation, Notre Dame still attracts many visitors to take pictures with the statue of Our Lady. Minh Anh, a student at Van Lang University and a group of friends from Ninh Binh said that this was their first time visiting the church. The group of friends chose this place because they are all Catholic, and feel that the attractions right in the city center are the right choice for a short holiday.

Since the public bicycle rental service appeared, cycling has become a popular activity for many Saigon tourists. The fixed price for car rental is 5,000 VND/half hour and this price remains the same on the anniversary of the death anniversary.

Duong Vo Nhan (District 11, Ho Chi Minh City) and a group of friends decided to cycle to visit the city on all 3 days of the holiday. Dam Sen is the destination on the first day, the second day through Landmark 81 and on the last day will go to Anh Sao Bridge. “This is an activity that is both beneficial for our health and gives us an opportunity to see the beauty of the city,” Nhan shared.

With airy, green space, a cafe next to Bach Dang wharf also attracts young people to have fun.

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