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On the Hung King’s Anniversary, where should I go around Hanoi for fun and excitement?

On every occasion of Hung King’s death anniversary, young people are eager to find entertainment places for themselves. However, with so many choices that many of you wonder where on the anniversary of Hung King’s death anniversary, where should you go around Hanoi that is fun and attractive? So in this article Vinlove will tell you some of the most interesting places to go out. Let’s have a look together!

On the Hung King’s Anniversary, where should you go around Hanoi?


1. Have fun at Royal City shopping mall

Royal City – A large commercial center in Hanoi, this is a modern shopping and entertainment complex located in the heart of the capital. With an area of ​​​​up to 150,000m2, inside contains more than 600 large and small stalls, from affordable prices to high-end products, along with integrated attractive amusement parks, attracting a lot of customers. young. Therefore, this is also the ideal place to enjoy the Hung Kings Anniversary in Hanoi that you should not miss. When coming here, besides dining and shopping experiences, many people are also impressed by the 3,000m2 ice-skating area and Vinpearl Water Park with unique underwater experiences. 

On the Hung King’s Anniversary, where should I go around Hanoi for fun and excitement?
Ice skating experience at Royal City

*** Address Royal City: Located at 74, Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

2. Explore the cultural village of Vietnamese ethnic groups

To answer the question of where Hung King’s death anniversary should be, where to go around Hanoi is fun and meaningful, and the ethnic culture village is a great stopover. Arriving here, you will discover a large space of up to 1,500 hectares, inside which is built, recreating architectural works, cultural life of ethnic groups vividly. Especially the temples of the Cham people, the unique temples of the Khmer, the architecture of the stilts of the Central Highlands,… and many other interesting things. If you are a fan of virtual life, then this will be an opportunity you should not miss. The entrance ticket price is only about 30k/person.

Check-in virtual living at the cultural village of Vietnamese ethnic groups

*** Address of Vietnamese ethnic culture village: Located in Dong Mo tourist area, Son Tay, Hanoi.

3. Immerse yourself in nature in Ba Vi National Park

Place to hang out on March 10 in Hanoi There are many, but if you are a nature lover, like a peaceful space, then take the time to visit Ba Vi National Park. It’s about 60km from Hanoi city center, not too far, so you can fully explore this place during the holidays. Coming to Ba Vi National Park, you will be greeted with a wild and idyllic natural scene, inside are towering old trees, shading and bringing a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. You can find yourself beautiful angles to live virtual with nature, or go to the abandoned stone church, …. Also, if you have a lot of time, don’t forget to experience evening camping here. . Because that is the most anticipated experience, you will be able to light a campfire, sing, dance together, organize an outdoor BBQ party together, … extremely interesting. So you already know Where should you go around Hanoi on the anniversary of Hung King’s death anniversary  ?

Natural space around the abandoned stone church

*** Address of Ba Vi National Park: Located in Tan Linh, Ba Vi, Hanoi.

4. Experience in Bat Trang pottery village

One more place to hang out on the Hung Kings Anniversary in Hanoi  for you is Bat Trang pottery village. This is not only a famous tourist destination in Hanoi  , but on public holidays, this craft village welcomes a large number of tourists to visit and explore. When you come here, your eyes will be met with closely spaced stalls selling mainly traditional ceramic products, with sophisticated patterns and impeccable quality. Going deep inside are the pottery kilns, you can come to experience molding your favorite products, for only about 20k – 30k / time and if you want to bring the products back, you will have to pay about 50k more. again. In general, this will be an attractive destination and also an answer to the question of  where to go around Hanoi on the Hung Kings Anniversary  .

Experience making pottery in Bat Trang pottery village

*** Address of Bat Trang pottery village: Located in Bat Trang, Gia Lam, Hanoi.

5. ‘Dance’ with all your heart in Bao Son Paradise

Where should I go on March 10 in Hanoi?  Bao Son Paradise is probably the ideal destination for family and friends’ fun on weekends or holidays. It is known that this is a general entertainment area, divided into 8 separate zones, including: Cultural paradise area, ecological paradise area, amusement game area, art, cuisine, industry. technology, conference area and finally water entertainment area. Each area in Bao Son Paradise offers its own interesting experiences and activities, so it will take you a whole day to explore this place.

Have fun at the aquarium at Baoshan Paradise

*** Bao Son Paradise Address: Located at Km5+200, D. Le Trong Tan, An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi.

6. Visit Duong Lam ancient village

It’s not a strange sight, but if you don’t know the anniversary of Hung King’s death anniversary, where to go around Hanoi  , this is also a good choice. Especially those who love the lightness, want to discover the ancient cultural beauty of Hanoi, then come to Duong Lam ancient village. Coming here, you will easily see pictures of banyan trees, wells, communal yards,… and that’s also what creates a lot of vintage photos for you. Not only culture but also in the ancient village there are many shops to serve tourists, you can come and enjoy the attractive traditional dishes of ancient Ha Thanh such as: Banh te, sesame candy, cane chicken,….

The wild and idyllic beauty of Duong Lam ancient village

*** Address of Duong Lam ancient village: Located in Son Tay, Hanoi.

Those are the most interesting places to go out on March 10  that Vinlove wants to share with you. Hopefully, with these suggestions, you will know the best place to go around Hanoi on the anniversary of Hung King‘s death anniversary. Wishing you a happy, memorable holiday!

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