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Ha Thanh girls gracefully show off their colors with daisies at the beginning of the season

On the occasion of the end of October and the beginning of November, daisies bloom in Hanoi.

Ha Thanh girls gracefully show off their colors with daisies at the beginning of the season
The end of October and the beginning of November is the time when the chrysanthemum garden blooms most beautifully.
As noted by PV Dan Tri, the weather in Hanoi in the late autumn days is sunny, many Ha Thanh girls have flocked to the Long Bien Flowering Prairie (Long Bien ward, Long Bien district), to admire the flowers and take pictures.
Chrysanthemum is an easy flower to grow, but the bloom time is only a few weeks. Flowers are white, yellow pistil, with both wild and romantic beauty, loved by many people.
Mr. Truong The Hung (owner of the Long Bien Flowering Steppe garden) said: “Because the gardener has many years of experience in growing daisies, he has grasped the behavior, so this year the flowers bloomed about a month before. This time, chrysanthemums are very strong, producing thick petals, large flowers, it can be said that it is the flower season.”
Nguyen Linh Chi (University of Labor and Social Affairs) shared: “Through a friend, I knew that Long Bien had a chrysanthemum flower garden that bloomed early, that’s why I prepared ao dai to take pictures. Save your youth with this pure white flower.”
This flowering season is usually very short-lived. Each season of nightingale lasts only 2-3 weeks.
Ha Thanh girl is graceful in a white ao dai with buttons and eyelashes.
The most suitable time to take beautiful photos with daisies is usually in the early morning with light sunshine, or late in the afternoon when the sky changes color to sunset.
The flowerbed is more than 2,000m2 wide with more than 10,000 daisies and daisies in full bloom.
The trend of taking photos with chrysanthemums has appeared in Hanoi for many years but has not shown any signs of cooling down. Because, in addition to the fragile beauty, the nightingale especially only blooms once a year, when the weather begins to gradually turn to winter.

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