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Hanoi is surprisingly beautiful on the flower carts down the street

Hanoians traveling far away will miss the bouquets of fresh flowers on the streetcars or on the peaceful bicycles at many street corners. 

Flowers in every season. 12 months is 12 brilliant flower seasons. The image of flower baskets on the streets of Hanoi has long been familiar but has never ceased to be beautiful and romantic.

September, and October is the ideal time for tourists to come to Hanoi because the weather is pleasant, not too hot like summer and not as cold as winter. This is also the season of chrysanthemums, lotus flowers, and sunflowers … following the lines of cars down the street.

The series of photos was taken by young photographer Tu Pham, who is living and working in Hanoi, in the early days of October.

No one can know when bicycles carrying flowers like this appeared in Hanoi. In the memory of many who had them

Memories are so deeply etched that many Hanoians living far from their hometown in Saigon for many years still can’t forget them

Every time they return to Hanoi, they bring flowers to the South on the sidewalk
For many people, these are the most beautiful, fragrant and lasting flower bouquets, which can only be bought in Hanoi on the old flower carts and now the flower carts down the street.

This motorbike with license plate number 18 ( Nam Dinh ) carrying flowers is often parked on the sidewalk at the beginning of Thuy Khue Street, near Ly Tu Trong Park.

Thuy Khue is a rare street in Hanoi that still retains many ancient features, including ancient village gates or Voi Phuc temple…

“I wandered in the dark brown old town

Carrying flowers gently roaming

Who is carrying the whole autumn walking around

He was startled in a dream.”

( Where are you, Hanoi autumn).

Carrying flowers on the streets of Hanoi is the inspiration of many poets, and musicians and is indispensable for photography. Tu Pham spent many weekends taking pictures he liked.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of passing traffic and people, the flower basket seems to lighten the cramped space of the street

The method of transporting flowers to the street is also diverse, from motorbikes to bicycles and even walking. But either way, the girls worked hard and struggled to get up early to get flowers to Quang Ba flower market on Tay Ho

They choose the most beautiful , freshest flowers for customers

This is the section of Phan Dinh Phung street. Along with Thuy Khue, Phan Dinh Phung is also the place where they often stop the flower car

Many photography lovers often come to Phan Dinh Phung Street to take pictures with bicycles carrying flowers or simply stand under the rows of crocodiles in late autumn. Phan Dinh Phung Street is possibly the most beautiful street in the capital, with rows of ancient crocodiles in four green seasons

Or go through O Quan Chuong to see the majestic ancient city gate reflected. Built in 1749, O Quan Chuong is located in the east of Thang Long Citadel and is the only remaining gate of many gates in Hanoi.TU PHAM

You can also visit West Lake in this season when flowers bloom

Or wandering on the roads along the lakeside, watching the afternoon fall through the branches of the trees…

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