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The ‘capital’ of roses is brilliant before the first flower festival

The Me Linh Flower Festival in 2022 themed “Me Linh’s brilliant colors” will be held from December 9 to 11 in Me Linh district (Hanoi). Currently, gardeners are entering the final stage of care.

Currently, Me Linh district has 1,294 hectares of land for flower production, of which the rose cultivation area here accounts for about 1,152 hectares (accounting for 93.4%) – Photo: DANH KHANG

The Me Linh Flower Festival in 2022 is a highlight on the occasion of Me Linh district being recognized as a new rural standard, receiving the third-class Labor Medal, and the recognition ceremony of a special national relic with the temple relic of Hai Phong. Mrs. Trung. 

Currently, Me Linh district has prepared 12 sample modules to decorate the flower road at the entrance to Hai Ba Trung temple with more than 1,000 flower pots for the event. Of which 60% are roses , the main flower of Me Linh. Besides, there are flowers such as chrysanthemums, chlorophyll, sunflower…

By the afternoon of November 27, according to the observation of Tuoi Tre reporter , most gardeners in the district were ready, the rose bushes and chrysanthemum flowers had bloomed, promising an impressive flower festival, contributing part of promoting the flower brand Me Linh, one of the two largest flower “capitals” of the capital, to tourists from all over the world.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tam, a flower garden owner, said: Currently, her rose garden is about 1,500 m2 wide with 3 gardeners, growing more than 10 different species of roses. festival service – Photo: DANH KHANG

Many varieties of roses with different colors bloom before the Me Linh Flower Festival in 2022 – Photo: DANH KHANG

The land fund for growing roses has been covered in 11 communes of Me Linh district. Especially, Me Linh district has cooperated with Hanoi Agricultural Extension Center to implement a model of high quality roses with about 350 hectares in the fields of communes such as Van Khe, Trang Viet, Tien Phong, temple area. worship Hai Ba Trung, to communes such as Tien Thinh, Dai Thinh, Me Linh – Photo: DANH KHANG

To develop the Me Linh rose brand, the people here have searched for many new varieties of roses, improved the quality of roses, and brought the Me Linh rose brand to affirm its position in the market. In the photo: a cluster of brilliant yellow roses blooming – Photo: DANH KHANG

A garden of yellow chrysanthemums blooms brilliantly to prepare for the flower festival – Photo: DANH KHANG

A cluster of colorful confetti will also be decorated for the Me Linh Flower Festival in 2022 – Photo: DANH KHANG

The types of roses that are popularly grown in Me Linh such as Sa Pa ancient roses, Hai Phong ancient climbing roses, Van Khoi ancient roses, Da Lat white climbing roses, Da Lat pink climbing roses, ancient peach roses are all used. Gardeners here grow and replicate – Photo: DANH KHANG

Floriculture in Me Linh was formed more than 20 years ago, especially rose cultivation now brings quite high economic efficiency to the people here as well as creating the Me Linh rose brand for Hanoi capital – Photo: DANH KHANG

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