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Hanoi in the rhythm of the brilliant autumn sun

The weather is getting warmer, the golden rays of sunshine reappear from early morning. Hanoi in the rhythm of the sun when dancing, patchy, full of brilliance creates excitement in the late autumn morning.

The long, rainy days in Hanoi have ended, the golden rays of sunshine have reappeared.

At West Lake, quite a lot of people exercise with all kinds of activities such as cycling, jogging, or relaxing with a cup of hot tea in the morning.

After many wet days, the sun made the water of West (Tay) Lake turn dark blue, very strange.

On the beautiful warm morning, people stay in the same space of West (Tay) Lake longer than usual, to relax and feel the pleasant weather.

The early morning sunlight creates patchy patches of sunlight on the pavement.

Phan Dinh Phung Street (Ba Dinh) is full of the beauty of the early morning sunlight, this street has become a famous photography spot in Hanoi.

Phan Dinh Phung Street is attractive by two rows of ancient and straight crocodile trees. When the sunlight penetrates through the leaves, it will create a curtain-type light, which has fascinated many photographers who love Hanoi.

The bright yellow sunbeams slanted down on the busy traffic.

The beautiful weather will only last a few more days, followed by a strong northeast monsoon, which is expected to bring the temperature down.

People get excited in dances in the sun.

The gentle classical dance is a nourishing exercise suitable for the elderly with movements that are not too strong but bring a flexible rhythm.

The sun lingers on the lawns of Mai Xuan Thuong’s flower garden.

The famous ban flower tree attracts young people in the green Hoang Dieu street under the autumn sun.

Colorful houses in the morning sun. This is the road along Truc Bach lake that has just been “changed”. Formerly a garbage collection point, many evils are now open and clean like a tourist street and become a check-in point to attract young people. Follow Dan trí

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