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The heartbreakingly beautiful moments of the autumn sky in Hanoi make everyone bewildered

In the list of the world’s most ideal destinations in the fall of 2022 voted by CNN, Hanoi is considered an “interesting bright spot” that is not to be missed when coming to Vietnam.

Autumn always captivates people not only because of the poetic natural scenery but also the mild weather that is very pleasing to people. You may have experienced the wonderful scenery of autumn in many countries and regions, but one thing is certain Hanoi in autumn is a very unique beauty that is hard to find anywhere else.

Recently, CNN (USA) introduced a list of the Top 12 most interesting destinations in the world in the autumn of 2022. Which, autumn in Hanoi was praised by this famous news agency as a bright spot, a highlight. romantic with beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate.

And how beautiful is Hanoi in fact when heaven and earth come to autumn?

Not as bright as summer, nor as cold as winter, Hanoi’s autumn is memorable because of the cool and fresh weather, the yellow color of the warm sunshine fills the streets, alternating under the trees. is turning red and yellow?

The heartbreakingly beautiful moments of the autumn sky in Hanoi make everyone bewildered

Hanoi in the early autumn days is like wearing a new coat of peace and quiet. Autumn Hanoi always gives those who pass by here an indescribable feeling. When walking on the streets of Hanoi in the autumn, you can feel the typical aromas from flowers, from gifts or strong coffee aromas wafting through the streets.

Autumn on the ordinary streets of Hanoi suddenly become more poetic and love.

Do not know since when Phan Dinh Phung street has become a symbolic part of Hanoi’s autumn. The two sides of the road are rows of ancient crocodiles, in the summer they are shaded with green, and in the fall, the roads are full of flying yellow leaves. It is easy to see that every autumn, when the leaves fall like carpets on the pavement, the place becomes an attractive check-in destination for many generations, from the young to the elderly, the most beautiful is the appearance of pure white ao dai in the gentle autumn sun.

The scenery of Hoan Kiem Lake is equally poetic to enjoy the poetic beauty of Hanoi’s autumn. The sun is no longer harsh, only swaying through the green trees hanging down to the lake surface, the gentle breezes bring with them the scent of cool earth and sky, making passers-by, tourists and even young people almost dumbfounded. in awe of the romantic beauty of this place when autumn comes.

In the streets of Hanoi when it comes to autumn, the old town is said to be the street that still retains the typical character and culture of Hanoi people. Autumn in Hanoi every corner is brilliant with flower flags, each street can bring you different emotions about the most beautiful season of the year.

The breath of autumn keeps coming back to the land of Hanoi in a gentle and slow way, different from a busy and bustling Hanoi on weekdays.

When Hanoi in autumn, watching the sunset of Tay Ho and walking, the feeling of this city is a bit sad. The gentleness of autumn in Hanoi and the moment when the sun’s rays are slowly dying out in a large space, against the high, clear blue sky, is a splendid picture of the moment of transition of nature.

The last rays of sunlight gradually fade away in an autumn day on Tay Ho

The atmosphere is clear, the fragrance of milk flowers, the immortal songs of Hanoi’s autumn can be heard anywhere… Poets, writers, musicians have spent their time. paper and ink bags to talk about Hanoi’s autumn. If you are living on Ha Thanh land and don’t reward yourself with a little Hanoi revenue, how sorry for yourself.

Photo: Thach Long

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