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Falling crocodile leaves season attracts visitors to take pictures

HANOI – Phan Dinh Phung Street is dyed gold by fallen crocodile leaves, attracting many people to take pictures and check-in.

During the period of spring to summer, three rows of crocodiles in Phan Dinh Phung street simultaneously emptied their leaves and dyed the old street yellow. This year, crocodiles begin to lose their leaves from the end of March and early April. To save the typical seasonal changing moment of Ha Thanh, many tourists and photographers come here. Customers usually leave the car in front of Cua Bac church.

Ngo Thi Nhi, 21 years old, takes pictures to take beautiful pictures, enjoying the cool air before the hot summer days come.

Not only adults, but also children are also excited to see fallen yellow leaves.

“I am from Hanoi but this is my first time here to take pictures. Feeling surprised because everything is much more beautiful than I imagined,” shared one guest taking the photo (left).

Along the street you will find lilies for rent to take pictures. Lilies, also known as juniper flowers, are considered one of the symbols of April. When the season is about to pass, it is also the time when the crocodile plants begin to shed their leaves, extending into mid-May.

A flower renter shares that, guests often visit Phan Dinh Phung Street to take photos the most on Saturday, Sunday or on sunny days. “Visitors here often wear white ao dai and carry a trumpet to take pictures with fallen crocodile leaves. The lilies season will end around March 15 of the lunar calendar,” she said. The price for renting flowers is 20,000 VND / bunch.

For beautiful pictures, visitors should choose a sunny day. Yellow crocodile leaves blow lyrical features into the picture of life of the people of the capital, becoming a “pleasure” every time the lilies bloom, last spring and summer.

However, visitors should pay attention to avoid areas with signs that prohibit filming and taking photos.

Phan Dinh Phung Street attracts many visitors to take pictures of crocodile leaves and fallen yellow leaves. On both sides of the wide sidewalk, visitors can find many shooting angles without fear of people. Follow vnexpress

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