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Monsoon comes, and Hanoi people enjoy the cold air with light rain

Monsoon floods bring light rain, making Hanoi’s temperature drop. The coolness of the monsoon day makes many people excited, besides it also makes many people cringe when they forget to bring warm clothes when going out.

On October 24, the weather in the capital suddenly turned cold with light rain after many sunny days, causing the temperature in Hanoi to drop significantly. In the morning and late afternoon, the chilly weather is felt more clearly. People on the street have equipped with warm clothes to avoid cold and rain. Many people do not have time to bring warm clothes, so they cower when they have to move on the road.

It is forecasted that in the next 2 days (November 25 and 26), Hanoi will continue to maintain rainy and cold weather. The temperature during the day ranges from 22-27 degrees.

However, on Sunday morning (November 27), the cold air weakened, making the weather in the northern provinces and Hanoi sunny, without rain, and the temperature rose again. In the following days, this weather forecast will remain the same until November 30.

According to the forecast agency, by December, many northern areas will receive cold air in both intensity and frequency of operation.

Monsoon comes, and Hanoi people enjoy the cold air with light rain

The North welcomes a wave of cold air with rain, causing the temperature to drop to only about 20 – 23 degrees Celsius

Some foreign tourists had to wrap more towels and cover with raincoats when visiting the capital on a cyclo on cold Hanoi days.

Besides raincoats, people on the street are equipped with warm towels and coats

An old woman selling water crouched in front of the cold afternoon rain

Many young people wear warm clothes and walk under umbrellas in the rain, breathing in the cold of this winter

Some young people walk around the Hoan Kiem Lake area to enjoy the chilly air

The cold wind rushing back also makes Hanoi become more poetic and beautiful in the eyes of the capital’s residents as well as tourists.

There are also many people who huddled up, catching a cold of Hanoi when subjectively did not bring warm clothes on the road

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