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Impressive numbers on flower street 20,000 m2 West of Hanoi

More than 35,000 flower pots with 200 kinds of flowers, tubers, and fruits brought from all over the country converged at Home Hanoi Xuan 2022 flower street.

Home Hanoi Xuan 2022 Flower Street will take place at Splendora, Mailand Hanoi City, Hoai Duc, Hanoi from January 22 to February 6. The event is attracting the attention of a large number of people in the capital because of the methodical investment in scale, the convergence of a variety of interesting entertainment activities, and is an ideal destination for spring travel during Tet. Gradually. In the second time, Home Hanoi Xuan 2022 recorded impressive numbers in the organization stage.

20,000 m2 is the total area of ​​​​the whole event area, stretching from Home Hanoi Xuan flower street to Point De Long Bien pedestrian street. In particular, right from the entrance, you will immediately see a large symbol decorated with flowers with the logo of Mailand Hanoi City – a creative city in terms of cultural identity, urban planning and design with the companion of UNESCO and UN- Habitat. “This is a complete complex of living spaces, a diverse ecosystem of services from commerce, culture, health, international education… identifying a trendy lifestyle,” the investor shared. .

More than 35,000 flower pots with 200 kinds of colorful flowers, tubers and fruits are brought from all over the country. In which, it is necessary to mention the rows of blooming rice and raspberry chrysanthemum flowers transferred from Sa Dec (Dong Thap). According to the investor, the reason for such a feat is because this season Rice in Hanoi is just a young seedling, not suitable for putting on flower road.

In addition, the flower street also has thousands of pots of water lilies brought from Da Nang, sunflowers in Me Linh, along with flowers from Xuan Quan flower village, vegetables and fruits brought from Son Tay…

24 is the number of viaduct arches, representing the scene of the art quarter in Paris, and 15 stalls with ancient features typical of the millennial period of civilization – the typical features of the Pont de Long Bien pedestrian street.

19 is the number of miniatures appearing at the flower street with poetic and unique stories.

4 is the number of “stations” where the spring train Home Hanoi Xuan 2022 will take visitors on a full journey to admire the space to enjoy spring colors and experience the creative cultural identity of Hanoi, including: Golden, Spring Road, Hometown Station, Future Station.

The specialty fruit trees of the three regions make people feel very excited when they admire them. “Near Hanoi, there is a very relaxing spring flower street space, only about 10km from the city center, so it is very convenient to move. In addition, the Organizing Committee also well implemented the distance, ensuring the safety of visitors,” shared Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha (Cau Giay – Hanoi).

The rows of flowering rice are transported directly from Sa Dec (Dong Thap) to Hanoi.

The children were very excited when participating in the large-scale flower street event, with many exciting fun activities.

A typical yellow kumquat store for the Northern New Year.

The old house and vegetable garden recall a familiar image of the northern countryside.

Many spaces in the flower street have meticulous investment in design to construction.

Visitors, especially foreigners, are very excited when they arrive at a beautiful and impressive spring travel destination.

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