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Hanoians wear Ao Dai to the Spring Flower Festival

Hanoians wear Ao Dai to visit and experience the flower street Home Hanoi Xuan 2023, at Mailand Hanoi City (North An Khanh, Hoai Duc).

Opening from January 13, the Home Hanoi Xuan 2023 flower street has become an interesting spring travel destination, attracting the people of the capital to visit and experience.

With the theme of “Wonderful Tet Universe”, this year’s Spring Flower Street gathers a variety of plants and flowers from different regions of Vietnam such as: Ripe rice fields transported from Dong Thap Muoi, northern yellow canola flowers, colorful daisies from Da Lat, purple-blue or burgundy dahlias, egg roses… In particular, the highlight is 3 cat mascots representing peace – happiness – health, created by Tet artists from Dried hyacinth stems placed in the center position.

Singer Kyo York participated as a narrator on the flower street Home Hanoi Xuan 2023, on January 13. He chose an orange Ao Dai with traditional motifs, confidently introduced to guests about the theme, flowers and traditional Tet culture of the Vietnamese people.

Choosing an innovative yellow ao dai model walking at the flower street, Mr. Tran Hoang Cuong said he was very impressed with the cheerful atmosphere and the unique decoration of both traditional and modern flowers.
“I went with my friends to choose ao dai and made an appointment to come here to take pictures. The interesting thing is that no matter where we stand, we can still produce beautiful and impressive photos,” the 28-year-old said. .

Groups of friends, families, content creators on youtube, tiktok… also come to the event to visit, take photos and make clips about Tet.

People throw wish cards on the tree, hoping to have a year of peace and good luck.

To experience the flower garden, there are also children in colorful ao dai. The children were very excited to take pictures with colorful flowers and participate in interesting traditional games.

Bich Nga with her husband and daughter from Bac Giang took a car to Hanoi to attend the flower street event. In order to have more time to visit and take photos, her family got up at 6 am to prepare and prepare ao dai.

Le Trang (red shirt) said that in order not to miss this year’s flower street event, she planned early and invited more companions to record beautiful moments on the occasion of the new year. Trang expressed her excitement at seeing a variety of plants and flowers, and unique shaped miniatures such as spaceships, spaceships, etc.

People are dressed in ao dai with their families and relatives to see flowers and take pictures. The fortune tree area is located in the center, featuring brilliant red silk

The children wear ao dai to the flower street to walk. In addition to taking photos and watching flowers, visitors can also participate in many exciting folk games and activities such as: Water puppetry, calligraphy writing, Chung cake wrapping, playing mandarin umbrellas, sowing hexagrams at the beginning of the year, playing the rattan bridge. …

Every year, Mai Phuong and Lan Anh are present at Home Hanoi Xuan flower street early, hiring photographers to save as a souvenir. This year, the two girls chose an innovative ao dai to make a difference and match the spring atmosphere.

Within the framework of the Home Hanoi Xuan event, a fashion show called Dan Sac Fashion show organized by the fashion club of Hanoi University of Architecture in collaboration with Phu Long Company, brought to set brilliant colors Tet. Models participated in 3 fashion collections including: Co Vien Xuan, Hoa Dan Doc, Vien Hy Xuan, with more than 70 costumes inspired by traditional and modern cultures.

Filled with flowers and red lanterns, the pedestrian street Pont de Long Bien stands out with its old quarter-style houses and attracts a large number of visitors. During the half-month of the flower street event, this area also continuously organizes street art performances, outdoor painting exhibitions, music shows and interactive games created from objects. environmentally friendly recyclable materials… Home Hanoi Xuan 2023 will continue to be open to visitors until the end of January 25 (January 4 of the lunar calendar).

This is the 3rd year Home Hanoi Xuan is held at Mailand Hanoi City Urban Area (North An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi) with the companionship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, Hoai District People’s Committee Germany, UNESCO, State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese, Sovico Group, Phu Long Company…

With a scale of nearly 300 hectares, Mailand Hanoi City is oriented to become a “creative city” at the western gateway of the capital with many highlights in urban planning, design and cultural identity. .

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