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70,000 visitors to Home Hanoi Xuan flower street 2022

Home Hanoi Xuan flower street and Pont de Long Bien pedestrian street welcomed more than 70,000 visitors from January 22 to February 6.

Home Hanoi Xuan 2022 flower street is located in Mailand Hanoi City new urban area and Pont de Long Bien pedestrian street is open from December 20 (January 22 of the solar calendar) to the 6th of Tet (February 6).

The event attracts spring tourists and celebrates with meticulously invested scenery and feats. According to statistics, the flower street and pedestrian street have attracted 70,000 visitors.

There are also more than 30 traditional cultural and artistic performances such as calligraphy, writing wishes on the locust tree on New Year’s Day, painting villages, weaving, ceramics, conical hats, silk, confectionery, etc.

The exhibition “Hanoi is…” is located on flower street, displaying many artworks as well as many traditional cultural activities of Hanoi.

The ambassadors’ wives participated in the Banh Chung wrapping activity during the “Vietnam Discovery Day” co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNESCO, Un-Habita, and the Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Within the framework of the event, the performance at “Get to know Vietnam Day” attracted more than 150 ambassadors, chief representatives from the Diplomatic Corps and international organizations in Vietnam and the ASEAN-AWCH community group.

The flower street is crowded with people, so epidemic prevention is more and more focused by the organizers with the activities of scanning QR codes, measuring temperatures, and disinfecting hands right from the entrance.

As the convergence of heritage values ​​in today’s modern flow, Home Hanoi Xuan 2022 flower street is highly appreciated by experts.

The cultural heritage values ​​of the old Hanoi are reproduced in the new urban area Mailand Hanoi City, which is considered a “love relationship” between creative culture with folk colors, thousand-year-old traditions, and lifestyles. of Trang An people and the development of urbanization today.

According to the organizers, Home Hanoi Xuan 2022 flower street and Pont de Long Bien pedestrian street are spring gifts for residents of the Splendora area in particular, people of Hanoi and neighboring provinces in general. Spring Flower Street is also an event marking the expansion of Splendora, creating this place into Mailand Hanoi City – the home of tomorrow – a creative city in planning, urban design and cultural identity with the companion. by UNESCO and Un-Habitat.

After Tet, the Flower Street Home Hanoi Xuan 2022 will be cleaned up, but the pedestrian street Pont de Long Bien will continue to operate, recreating Hanoi’s street culture and street civilization in modern life, becoming a destination for tourists. entertainment, culture with outdoor activities.

Photo: Hoang Anh

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