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Ho Chi Minh City’s temperature drops to 19 degrees Celsius, people are cold.

On the morning of January 13, the cold weather caused many people to wear warm clothes when going to the street. In the early morning, the temperature sometimes drops to 18-19 degrees C in Ho Chi Minh City.

People wear “full gate, high wall” clothes when going to the street – Photo: QUANG DINH

Early in the morning, January 13, the cold winter air was evident in every street in Ho Chi Minh City. People wear warm clothes, with scarves and masks.

“This morning, the temperature decreased, the wind was cold, the car was curbed, but I really liked this weather, it felt like I was in Dalat,” said Truong Quang Danh, living in Binh Tan district.

However, the weather has been continuously hot for many days, and the temperature is now surprisingly low, many people are concerned that it will affect their health.

From noon 12-1, the temperature in all provinces of the South has started to decrease by 2-3 degrees, gradually at night, the temperature is decreasing and it is still chilly when the lowest temperature is 12-1 at night.

By the morning of January 13, the common temperature index was from 17-19 degrees, some places below 17 degrees in the East and from 18-20 degrees in the West.

Mild blindness can also appear in some places early in the morning. In the afternoon and afternoon, the weather is still mostly low rain, weak sunshine with the highest temperature ranging from 28-31 degrees, still cool and comfortable.

The weather reduces the temperature, many people contract when on the street – Photo: CHAU TUAN

People wear warm clothes when exercising, on the side of Truong Sa Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City – Photo: QUANG DINH

Many people expressed interest in cold weather. – Photo: QUANG DINH

Some people are concerned that the sudden drop in temperature will affect health. – Photo: QUANG DINH

Some people have to wear raincoats to warm their bodies. – Photo: CHAU TUAN

People must wear tight-fitting clothes when going to the street – PHOTO: CHAU TUAN

Scarves, masks help keep the body warm – Photo: CHAU TUAN

People sitting on the side of the road, chillingly cold – Photo: CHAU TUAN

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