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Crowded of people “hunting the sun” in the autumn on Phan Dinh Phung Street

A large number of people flock to Phan Dinh Phung Street to have fun and take pictures under the beautiful autumn sunshine.


Phan Dinh Phung Street is known as one of the most beautiful shady streets in the central area of ​​Hanoi. In autumn, the early sunlight shines through the leaves, creating an ideal backdrop for autumn photos in Hanoi.

In the days of October, Phan Dinh Phung street is always crowded with people looking to take pictures of themselves in the autumn sunlight shining through the leaves.

Photography lovers and many people doing photography services are also very crowded in the early morning, when the sun shines down at its most beautiful during the day.

There are many young couples who like to take photos of themselves according to their own interests, and bring their own devices to take pictures with their phones.

The street where the Cua Bac relic is very popular with young people because the autumn sunlight shines through the canopy of leaves creating beautiful halos.

A large number of people flock to Cua Bac relic to take pictures on the weekend with beautiful weather.

At the position in front of Cua Bac church, there is a wide sidewalk combined with long and straight lines of perennial crocodile trees, which is an ideal backdrop for autumn photos.

Posing for a photo of a white Ao Dai on a crowded street in Hanoi’s autumn is also a topic that many young people do here.

Autumn is probably the most beautiful season on this street, so on sunny October days, this place is always crowded.

There are also shops selling fresh flowers on-site to serve customers in need.

The photos taken with the phone make up the bulk here, not the camera.

The people who take the most photos are probably those who love the beauty of Hanoi’s autumn, they can come here early in the morning, or late in the afternoon, going back and forth many times to capture the beautiful moments of autumn.

In the afternoons, autumn really brings a lot of emotions to those who love nature, and love the honey-colored sunsets.

Under the late afternoon sun of autumn, people and scenes stand out in space. 

On weekends, West Lake is a favorite place for young people when the sunset gradually falls.

Sunset in the autumn afternoon of West Lake on the weekend.

(According to Dan Tri)

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