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Photo: The center of Hanoi begins to be filled with the Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere

Although it is nearly a month until the Mid-Autumn Festival, the central area of ​​Hanoi has been filled with the colors of lanterns and unicorn heads, becoming an ideal photo spot for many young people.

At the beginning of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hanoi’s old quarter is filled with stalls selling colorful moon cakes or lanterns, including the central area of ​​the capital. Hang Ma street is familiar to Hanoi people every Tet holiday and the surrounding streets have now begun to “flame red” attracting many young people to shop, play, and take pictures to welcome the Tet atmosphere. Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching.

Photo: The center of Hanoi begins to be filled with the Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere

In the days leading up to the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hang Ma street becomes the ideal place for many young people, because of that, the neighborhood is crowded with a more bustling atmosphere than usual.

Young people eagerly flock here to shop, have fun and admire the stalls. The space is full of traditional red and yellow lanterns that make the photos shimmering and beautiful

For a long time, Hang Ma Street in particular and Hanoi Mid-Autumn Festival, in general, has become a familiar “signal” when it comes to important holidays. Every season is different, and in the Mid-Autumn Festival, as long as this street begins to sell items such as star lanterns, unicorn heads, drums, etc., it is immediately known that the Mid-Autumn Festival is near.

Hang Ma Street is associated with the childhood of many people in the capital, especially every Mid-Autumn Festival, becoming a fairy-tale corner in the heart of the capital not only for children but also for adults.

Currently on Hang Ma Street, Mid-Autumn Festival toys and decorations have been sold a lot, full of Mid-Autumn lanterns from traditional to modern, spoiled for young people to choose from.

Toy shops are the place that makes this street light up every corner, creating a beautiful scene, and attracting a large number of visitors, especially “followers” who like to take pictures.

If you visit this street in the morning or early afternoon, you will feel the light, peaceful atmosphere, not too crowded.

However, from 5pm onwards, when the street is lit by lanterns on both sides of the road, you will be overwhelmed by the bustling atmosphere from the flow of people.

Although it is nearly a month until the full moon of August, the bustling atmosphere has filled every corner of Hang Ma Street. Take advantage of the weekend to see the streets together, enjoy the hustle and bustle of the meaningful holiday, and don’t forget to buy yourself some beautiful virtual photos in this typical street.

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