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A cafe with a 360-degree view, located close to the new train line, appeared at Long Bien station

After the train street cafe in Tran Phu – Phung Hung (Hanoi) was “dead”, a new train cafe appeared at Long Bien station.

Vietnam Railways Corporation has just put into operation a new train waiting room, as well as a place for coffee service and train station check-in at Long Bien station (Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi). It is known that this is an 80m2 level 4 building, located opposite the station, has been renovated and repaired to serve passengers. 

Coffee shop named Hoa Xa has the main gate to welcome guests on Tran Nhat Duat street and has a side gate that opens towards Long Bien station (because the guard of Long Bien station is in charge of opening/closing).

Talking to reporter Dan Tri , a representative of the Vietnam Railways Corporation said that the project is part of the plan to diversify types of transport support services, improve service quality and invest in upgrading. Each station is a destination” in the provinces and cities where the railway passes.

The cafe is designed with large glass windows, in the old French style. 

According to a representative of the Vietnam Railways Corporation, this cafe is a train waiting room, supporting and serving train passengers. Visitors can come here to rest, relax and check-in at the allowed locations according to the instructions of the station staff, without using any services. 

The first time coming to Hoa Xa cafe, Nguyen Lien (27 years old, Cau Giay district) expressed interest. She said that from above, you can see Long Bien bridge, Long Bien station… in a unique and unique way.

Vo Thi Dung (26 years old, white shirt) knows about the train cafe through a social networking platform, so she invites you to come and experience it. 

“I’ve heard many times about waiting for a train, now for the first time I’ve experienced quite a thrill. The model of the cafe next to the train station is really special,” Dung said. 

To ensure train safety, the Hanoi Railway Operations Branch (Long Bien Station Management Unit) has developed measures to ensure railway traffic safety and increased security guards. 

At the junction between the cafe and the railway, the unit has installed a fence, which is often closed. At the same time, they arrange security guards to remind visitors to avoid violating regulations on railway safety.

The guard only opens the door for passengers to enter the station area when it is time to pick up passengers at the train station according to regulations.

Previously, in September 2022, Hanoi “deathed” the coffee street, the train line connecting Le Duan, Tran Phu, Cua Dong and Phung Hung streets, about 2km long. The government said that “gathering, doing business and trading here affects railway order and safety”.

In that context, Vietnam Railways hopes that Hoa Xa coffee will be a safe and legal destination for domestic and foreign tourists. 

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