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Making original French cake, the Hanoi family sells 5000 boxes, collects 40 million/day

On hot days, the family of Mr. Nguyen Thai Duong (Hanoi) and 20 employees work non-stop to have about 5000 boxes of caramel to sell to customers.

Making original French cake, Hanoi family sells 5000 boxes, collects 40 million/day

Caramel is a dish from France but has become a popular delicacy in Vietnam for a long time. 

The caramel shop on Hang Than street owned by Mr. Nguyen Thai Duong (53 years old) opened in 1995 is considered “the most popular caramel shop in Hanoi”.

Now, every day, his family sells about 5,000 boxes of caramel. On peak hot days, he and his wife and nearly 20 employees work non-stop. Although business is favorable, the needs of customers are many, but he and his wife still do not have the strength to do so, they have to give up many orders placed in the province because they cannot meet them.

Starting a business at the age of 27, Mr. Duong many times had to throw away materials because he was not successful. He once went to France to learn the recipe for caramel.

“At that time, caramel was a novelty in Hanoi. I was the second person in Hang Than Street to start a business with this dish. Although the ingredients for making caramel were quite simple, there were only 3 main ingredients: eggs, milk and coffee, but at first, I struggled with it. I did it over and over again, but coffee, milk, and eggs kept getting mixed up, not separating like now, “said Mr. Duong. “I can’t remember how many times I dumped it.”

Making original French cake, the Hanoi family sells 5000 boxes, collects 40 million/day
Caramel is made from 3 main ingredients: eggs, milk and coffee, but the caramel here is surprisingly smooth.

“The finished caramel must be left for 4-5 hours in the refrigerator to be both fragrant and cold. However, the caramel left overnight until the next morning is best eaten. For those who can’t eat cold, they can eat it when it’s hot as well. quite delicious,” added Mr. Duong.

Thousands of caramel boxes are pre-packaged for same-day delivery.
Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the shop mainly sells takeout.
Each bag is packed with 10 boxes.

The caramel here has the greasy taste of chicken eggs with milk, that fragrant flavor blends with the bitter aroma of coffee. For decades, the shop has always been a familiar place for generations of students who gather every summer afternoon to enjoy the famous caramel dish here.

Coming here, diners can not only enjoy traditional caramel but also enjoy many dishes such as: pearl caramel, brown sticky rice caramel, yogurt caramel, fruit caramel, coconut milk caramel, jelly caramel, cross caramel cam…

Although attracted by the extensive menu with all kinds of caramel-related dishes, the most popular is still the original caramel dish that makes up the brand of the restaurant.

The large, greasy, and attractive caramel plate is also because of the wonderful blend of eggs, milk, and coffee that melts slowly in the mouth.

The cake layer is smooth, fragrant, and the sugar water is not bitter to spread the cake. Scooping each layer of greasy, creamy caramel into the mouth makes us linger, remember forever.

Mixed fruit caramel will be an interesting choice with all the sweet and aromatic flavors of fruits. The greasy taste of caramel and the taste of sticky sticky rice blend together, satisfying cravings on hot summer days.

The caramel here is not sweet and not too thick, so it won’t create a feeling of being sick.
Initially, each box of caramel cost only 2,000 VND / box, after 25 years, it is now priced at 8,000 VND / box.

After 25 years of working with the profession, building a brand from a young age until now, even though the shop has a good name, Mr. Duong still makes caramel by himself every day, he is not assured to pass the recipe on to anyone. . This dish not only feeds his family but also puts all his heart into it. Follow Dan trí

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