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Immerse yourself in the fresh green space at Ngoc Linh ecological area

If you are afraid to go far but still want to enjoy a green living space near Hanoi, Ngoc Linh Ecological Area will be a great suggestion for you on holidays or weekends.

About 35km from the center of Hanoi, Ngoc Linh Ecological Area is a new green living spot chosen by many families when traveling to Hanoi . Designed and built in a rustic, rustic style, Ngoc Linh ecological garden is surrounded by mountains and forests, green vegetation creates a green living space, airy, in harmony with nature and land. God.

Immerse yourself in the fresh green space at Ngoc Linh ecological area
Check-in at the entrance

Where is Ngoc Linh Ecological Area in Hanoi?

  • Address: 79 Area E – Dong Quan Lake – Quang Tien Commune – Soc Son – Hanoi
  • Opening time: 7:00 – 23:00

Ngoc Linh Ecological Garden goes towards Noi Bai airport and is designed in harmony when combining unique works of art. Behind the ecoregion surrounded by mountains bearing the image of a girl, enjoying relaxation by a vast, cool lake. 

The combination of rich vegetation has created a rare and harmonious Ngoc Linh with nature. Therefore, people often say that Ngoc Linh is the place where “Sinh vitality converges” and is located on the wonderful terrain “Its back is like a painting facing the water direction”. It is the intersection between earth and heaven that makes every visitor here be captivated by the charming feng shui.

“Haven’t gone yet, Ngoc Linh

Only then will you know that your heart does not want to go back “

Check-in virtual live

Ticket price to Ngoc Linh ecological garden

Ngoc Linh Ecological Area is always a great destination for many organizations, companies, families and friends … And if you want to visit, as well as organize parties or events here, you must be in the right place. You have a powerful ticket to enter the gate.

Currently, tickets to Ngoc Linh garden range from 50k – 300k / person depending on the age and height of customers. And you should note that ticket opening hours only take place between 7:00 – 23:00, so please balance your time to avoid going too soon or too late.

Photo: @Nhoc_Cung_Dau

How to go to Ngoc Linh eco-tourism area?

Because of the distance from the city. Hanoi to Ngoc Linh ecotourism area about 35km, so you can follow the route Vo Nguyen Giap to get here. Specifically, the direction to go to Ngoc Linh garden is as follows:

  • Go south to Le Thai To toward Hang Trong, then pass through Le Thai To intersection (Hang Trong) on ​​the right side; Next, go along the direction of Trang Thi and Dien Bien Phu and then to Nguyen Tri Phuong street.
  • Keep going on Nguyen Tri Phuong and you will come to Truc Bach; Then you direct your car from Au Co, Nhat Tan Bridge / Vo Chi Cong and Vo Nguyen Giap, will reach Mai Dinh, then turn left and drive to the 35th road to reach Ngoc Linh ecological garden station.

Map to the resort

What’s so attractive about Ngoc Linh Ecological Area?

Green and poetic living space

Coming to Ngoc Linh ecological garden , visitors will immerse themselves in the green, spacious and airy living space. The combination of tradition and modernity has brought a serene but lively Ngoc Linh. The green space here is most clearly shown through the rich vegetation, creating a moment of relaxation and peace when you step foot here.

More especially, this ecological area owns a prime location, beautiful view overlooking Dong Quang Dam Lake, 87ha wide. Behind the ecological garden is also surrounded by forests and mountains. All have painted a beautiful, beautiful, peaceful Ngoc Linh.

Green and poetic living space

Design bold Vietnamese village

Ngoc Linh ecological area is designed quite differently when it comes to the rustic, rustic Vietnamese village. Here, visitors will encounter familiar images of stilt houses, leaf roofs, fish ponds, gardens, lotus flowers, bamboo groves, water lilies … and small, cleverly decorated miniatures. poetic nature … All have created a pure and peaceful living space. 

Moreover, Ngoc Linh always invites visitors to find out about the cultural values ​​and traditions of the nation and evokes more or less beautiful memories in each person.

Vietnamese village is bold
Relax by the aquarium

Experience swimming by the lake

The highlight of Ngoc Linh ecological garden is to know how to bring the system of lakes and swimming pools to serve tourists. Therefore, everyone coming here has the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature, immerse themselves in the cool blue water and play, row, and swim together.

Swim by the lake

Ideal playground for children

Not only is the ideal place for adults, but Ngoc Linh also designs private play spaces suitable for children. Here, the children will be free to play, participate in games and group activities such as camping, swimming, playing children’s games …

Ideal playground for children

Organize conferences, seminars, birthdays

Besides, Ngoc Linh eco-tourism area is also a suitable place for us to organize seminars, conferences, birthdays, events, or group activities … very exciting and sociable. Certainly, green space, dreamy beauty when lying around the hills and mountains will bring the most comfortable and meaningful moments for each person.

Outdoor party organization
Organize a party in the house
Organize group activities

Visiting Giong Temple

In addition, coming to Ngoc Linh ecological garden , visitors also have the opportunity to visit Giong Temple in Phu Linh – Soc Son. Although hidden under the canopy of ancient trees for hundreds of years, this place has preserved the cultural and spiritual beauty of the Vietnamese people and always reminds the next generation to be grateful for the silent sacrifices of the heroes in the work. chase away foreign invaders.

Visiting Giong Temple, visitors can visit Non Nuoc pagoda located in the relics of Soc Son Temple at an altitude of more than 110m – where the treasure trove of bronze Buddha statues weighs 30 tons.

Giong Temple

What to eat when coming to Ngoc Linh ecological garden?

In addition to enjoying the fresh air, blending with nature, coming to Ngoc Linh ecological area, visitors will enjoy the traditional dishes, characterized by mountains and forests. In particular, you will experience a rich menu system with dishes made from healthy organic foods.

Roasted pork meat

The organic pig breeding technology is combined with Ngoc Linh tourist area and the Asean Agricultural Science and Technology Institute always produces many delicious products from pigs such as female hooves, wild pigs … The above pigs are raised with organic materials: roasted soybeans, wine, corn, rice bran, banana … so the quality of meat is very fragrant, delicious and safe for the health of diners.

With the above advantages, Ngoc Linh Soc Son ecological area will be a great resort for you and your family in the coming summer. Wish you have a happy and peaceful vacation with your family and relatives.

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