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No need to travel far, this is the place chosen by many Hanoians during the holidays

This past holiday, instead of having to crowd to distant tourist destinations, many families chose Vinhomes Ocean Park (Gia Lam, Hanoi) as a destination.

Here, not only has an open space with the sea – lake – trees, “Ocean District” is also a place to organize a series of exciting and attractive festival activities.

No need to travel far, this is the place chosen by many Hanoians during the holidays
During the recent Hung Kings Anniversary holiday, places to visit, play and entertain around Hanoi witnessed a large number of visitors. Many families take advantage of their children to go out to experience, or groups of friends have not gathered for a long time, then 3 days off is the ideal time to “relax” together. Among familiar places, the “Kite Festival” in Vinhomes Ocean Park has become a place to be “checked in” by tens of thousands of tourists and residents of the capital. This is the main theme event of the first week in the “Happy Ocean Festival” series of activities organized by the investor, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday evenings for the next 3 consecutive weeks.
In a space of thousands of square meters, kites of all colors and sizes flutter in the sky, creating a clear image of childhood in the heart of the bustling city.
Besides kite flying, the festival also takes place with many interesting cultural activities such as teaching how to make and decorate kites, watching artists make kites…
Many families in Hanoi bring their children to fly kites and have fun during the holidays. Ms. Thanh Tam’s family (Ba Dinh District) this year did not travel, choosing to come here for her children to visit and have fun. Ms. Tam and her family are very interested in the activities taking place here and plan to buy an apartment at the newly launched Pavilion Premium building.
For many young people, coming here to participate in attractive beach games such as kayaking, sub… is a way to experience the holiday “in its own way”.
Choosing to row a sub boat to breathe in the cool fresh air in the early morning, Hong Anh (Vinhomes Ocean Park resident) said: This is the habit she still does at weekends to exercise her body as well as enjoy the air. clean, no dust.
Cool, fresh weather, impressive sunrise view, many “athletes” quickly “race” in the middle of the lake to enjoy the poetic scenery.
In addition to sports and entertainment activities, throughout the series of events, there are also musical performances, and culinary activities… from morning to night, bringing precious moments of gathering and joy with loved ones. residents and visitors.
Since its launch at the end of 2018, Vinhomes Ocean Park has been chosen by more and more people in Hanoi and the surrounding area as a destination to relax and enjoy every weekend or holiday.
Thanks to the unique ecosystem, the largest saltwater lake in Vietnam, the 24.5ha white-sanded Pearl Lake, and a system of parks and green spaces spread throughout…, Vinhomes Ocean Park has become a check-in address. in familiar, a new resort in the heart of the city.

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