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5 alleys on Hanoi’s Old Quarter that foodies should not miss

Hanoi Old Quarter cuisine is extremely attractive to domestic and foreign diners.

Referring to the alleys in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, it is impossible not to mention Dong Xuan Market Lane, Huyen Lane, and Trang Tien Lane… The alleys are small but have enough dishes for people to tell “a long story”. “. The dishes here have become familiar flavors for many people. Every afternoon after work, the restaurants are crowded with people eating.

Especially on cold and windy winter days, there is nothing more wonderful than walking around the old town and entering the alleys to enjoy delicious food.

Dong Xuan market alley

5 alleys on Hanoi’s Old Quarter that foodies should not miss

Photo: Thanh Thuy.

An alley that is so familiar to many Hanoi cuisine enthusiasts, located right on the side of Dong Xuan market, is only about 200m long, but everything is available. Stepping into the alley, you will be attracted by the smell of food, which is vermicelli, noodle soup, cakes, tea, bamboo vermicelli…

Photo: @tastebylind, @foodbyme_1804.

But to talk about the most impressive dishes, such as the shrimp cake shop at the beginning of the market, the shrimp is not too big, but the inside is fried with potatoes, so it has a very unique flavor. Making a few shrimp cakes to start the journey to discover the cuisine of Dong Xuan market lane is reasonable. Next is the noodle soup and tea you must try.

Trang Tien Alley

Trang Tien Alley is located in the center of the expensive capital Hanoi, although it is small, it is a place where you can find many delicious restaurants with reasonable prices. In terms of popular dishes, Trang Tien alley has many dishes such as fried rice, fish vermicelli, mixed rice cakes, vermicelli with shrimp paste, … to desserts such as ice cream, tea, bean milk, yogurt… This is also the meeting place of many office workers in the Old Quarter every noon.

Photo: @meobeogarfield, @tungboo0107.

In addition, around Trang Tien alley are streets such as Phan Chu Trinh, Nguyen Khac Can … also have many restaurants, special eateries.

Trung Yen Alley

Trung Yen Alley connects Dinh Liet Street and Gia Ngu Street, is a short, small street but always busy with people coming in and out, known as the “food complex” of Hoan Kiem district.

Photo: @eatwithyency, @littlequanzzz, @beolencungnhau.

Referring to Trung Yen, gourmets are too familiar with unique dishes that are nowhere else from recipe to taste. The most famous dishes can be mentioned here such as: vermicelli mixed with squid, Pho Sung, vermicelli vermicelli, vermicelli with Sam Cay Si… More than a dozen shops crowded together in a small alley create a bustling scene. , crowded.

Au Trieu Alley

Photo: @trucvyiiiiii, @eatfirst.jh.

Au Trieu is a super short alley located near Hanoi Cathedral. This place is famous for its unique fried spring rolls with 1-0-2. Although it is called a shop, the selling point is actually located along the aisle in a small alley, with a few dozen small chairs that both serve as a table for a tray, and as a chair, but it is always crowded with customers.

Forbidden Alley – Tong Duy Tan

If you only mention the names of the culinary alleys in the old town without mentioning Cam Chi alley, it is a mistake. Forbidden Alley connects with Tong Duy Tan street – “food street in Hanoi”, so the food is extremely rich and diverse. A special feature in this food street is that restaurants and eateries are allowed to open until late, so here from morning to night are all “peak hours”. Here serves many dishes, enough rice, pho, porridge, sticky rice, noodles, hot pot…

Photo: @make_the_world_move.

Photo: @make_the_world_move, @yourtastemate, @quangip.

Thus, the alleys above are places that foodies cannot ignore. The small alleys not only preserve the style of Hanoi, but also preserve the typical dishes of Hanoi.

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